Lil G’s Kajun Restaurant, Belle Chasse, LA Report #84


Another Louisiana Hwy. 23 restaurant report (see report numbers 16 and 78), which is the highway that dead ends at the Gulf of Mexico, at the “toe” of the boot Louisiana is shaped like.  I ate dinner at this place maybe a decade ago and I guess maybe I wasn’t too impressed since I never went back!  I included the dinner menu at the end of the pictures above.  But it came to my attention that they served breakfast, so I decided to check it out.

As soon as you sit down they put a little bowl on the table with sugar, butter, cream, jam and jellies on the table.  I like that!  Those are things you don’t want to run out of or have to ask for so they start you off right.  Good job.  We started off with a breakfast po-boy with scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese on it.  It was very good.  The French bread was nice and fresh.  And if you order a side of grits you get a nice size bowl of grits.

We also tried Da Big Bayou Omelet.  Shrimp, crawfish, onions and cheese in an omelet topped with crawfish etouffee.  This was utterly delicious!  Instead of the tomato based kind of crawfish etouffee sauce this was more of a brown gravy.  I’d definitely order this again.  One of the best breakfast dishes I ever had.

Finally, pancakes.  They were HUGE!  But not light and fluffy.  These were more dense and chewy, but good!  I like them like that.  Don’t plan to eat an order of three of these by yourself.  Bring help.

Great place for breakfast.  I highly recommend it.

9338 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-433-0500

Blaine 3-25-2018


Breakfast was great, so I had to make it back here for dinner. And I’m glad I did! Appetizer #1 were crab balls. Pretty good. Good crab flavor and well seasoned but mostly breadcrumbs.  Appetizer #2 was a cup of seafood gumbo. Very good gumbo at a very good price.  Appetizer #3 wasn’t actually an appetizer, but when we saw the Boudreaux Burger we just had to try it. Who could resist a hamburger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches? I prefer my burgers a little on the rare side, so when I saw it was well done I was a little disappointed. But it wasn’t dry at all. And the fries were great. I hate battered fries or fries with any coating on them. These were just plain, crispy, fried potatoes.

You get a nice little side salad with your entrée.  Entrée #1 was shrimp and grits.  The menu didn’t mention cheese but the grits had what seemed to be cheddar cheese on them.  Either way this dish was delicious.  The shrimp were huge, as they were in the next dish.

Entrée #2 was the Papa Doc’s Pasta.  It comes with your choice of shrimp, crawfish or chicken but for a slight upcharge we got all three.  There’s no way any normal human could finish all of this.  All of their portions are huge.  The cream sauce wasn’t too rich and it was seasoned perfectly.  One of the best pasta dishes I ever had.

Entrée  #3 was the Stuffed Lafitte.  A fried softshell crab stuffed with a crabmeat dressing and served with a crabmeat cream sauce.  It comes with a simple, peeled baked potato with melted butter.  If you like soft shelled crabs you’ll love this dish.  Very good.

In conclusion, I can now highly recommend this place for breakfast AND dinner!

9338 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-433-0500

Blaine 3-31-2018


Back for breakfast. Decided on the “Pain Perdue”, also known as French toast, for breakfast. Excellent. Just like my mom used to make. Crisp on the outside and light and custardy on the inside. Yummy.

Blaine 1-6-2019


Biscuit with white sausage gravy.  Delicious. Pain Perdue with pecan praline sauce.  Also delicious.  They also make a Bananas Foster sauce to go over the Pain Perdue.  Next time!

9338 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-433-0500

Blaine 4-14-2019

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