Robin’s Wharf Dockside Seafood Restaurant, Slidell, LA Report #88


I saw this place on Groupon and thought the menu looked good, so I figured I’d cross the lake from New Orleans and give it a try.  Pretty place.  Right on a waterway that gives you access to Lake Pontchartrain.  You can pull your boat up, dock it, even gas it up if needed, and dine!  Stage for live music and plenty of outside deck seating.

I hadn’t had chargrilled oysters in a long time so we figured we’d start with that.  Char grilled oysters were originated by a New Orleans restaurant named Drago’s.  You take oysters on the half shell, put them on a BBQ pit, put plenty of butter, garlic, oregano, black pepper, and I’m not sure what else on top, grill until bubbly, and top with parmesan cheese.  You serve them hot, swimming in melted, seasoned, garlicky butter, in their shells with French bread to dip and soak up that butter.  They are delicious.

These were anything but delicious.  I couldn’t taste any butter or seasoning at all.  There was just a watery liquid in the shells. Very bland with just a little cheese on top.  If you’re an oyster purist and want ONLY the taste of the oyster, these are for you.  And for that matter the oysters weren’t even salty.

We then tried the Pistolletes.  In Louisiana a “pistollette” refers to a miniature French bread loaf.  These were stuffed with shrimp and crawfish and topped with a cheese sauce.  Sounded divine!  Again, bland as hell.  No seasoning at all.  The white sauce like substance covering them didn’t even taste like cheese.

When the seafood gumbo came out I noticed a reoccurring theme.  Very bland.  Just a little salt would have helped tremendously.  And I like rice, but it was like they filled the bowl with rice and added a little gumbo juice just to color it.  Way too much rice.

Next the side salad for the entrée we decided to split came out.  If you look at the close-up of the salad to the right on the picture of it you’ll see it had rotting, slimy lettuce right on top.  More throughout the salad.  How does something like that even make it out of the kitchen?  Considering the place was empty it’s not like the chef was rushed or hurried.  Obviously he just didn’t give a damn.  Or maybe his seeing eye dog missed it?

Finally the entrée.  Catfish Christopher.  A fried catfish filet served over cheesy mashed potatoes with a crawfish sauce on top.  This was actually very tasty!  But I noticed they left the stems on the string beans.  Maybe they thought I looked constipated and needed some extra fiber?

Finally, beignets for dessert.  These would have been good except a few of them were raw on the inside.  Cool dough.  Bleh.

I can’t recommend this place at all.  In fact I’d steer clear of it.

118 Harbor View Ct., Slidell, LA  70458  Ph: 985-326-8882

Blaine 4-22-2018


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