Palace Buffet, Biloxi, MS Report #89


The Palace Buffet is located in the Palace Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.  I normally wouldn’t consider reviewing a casino buffet but there’s one thing about this one that makes it special that I think readers should know about.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast is dotted with casinos, but this one is the ONLY smoke free casino on the Gulf Coast.

I’m not a gambler so I don’t frequent casinos, but I will go in them to eat because some have some good restaurants in them.  For example, inside the Island View Casino in Gulfport, MS., there’s a great steakhouse named Carter Green.

I’m not a smoker but cigarette smoke never really bothered me.  My job used to take me to Mississippi often and one day we decided to try this casino out.  As soon as you walk in it’s literally a breath of fresh air.  You immediately notice how nice it is not having the air filled with smoke!  The place is clean, well lit, and every time you go to the restroom someone is stationed in there constantly cleaning.

The buffet is divided into sections.  Flames, Comfort, Coastal and Wok.  Instead of describing each one I posted a picture from their website that does that.

One thing I love about the Coastal (seafood) section is besides tarter and cocktail there’s also a good remoulade sauce to go with the fried and boiled seafood.  There’s oysters on the half shell, boiled shrimp and crawfish, and every kind of fried seafood you can imagine.  Even soft shelled crabs!  They were small though.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, you could mistake them for large spiders, but they were good!

The Flames section has a working grill and they’ll do steaks to order.  That’s also where you’ll find the carving station with prime rib, ham and turkey.  Last time I was there a woman brought a plate full of raw oysters over and asked the chef to put them on the grill for her, which he happily did.

There’s another unique station I love: a made to order pasta station.  If you look at the picture right next to the flaming grill, you’ll see the list of things you can check off to put in your pasta, and the chef in the background flipping a pan of made-to -order pasta.  You just check off the things you want, hand the list to the chef, and come back five minutes later.  Your pasta dish is done to perfection.

I love the dessert bar too.  It’s endless.  And they have a comfort food from my youth.  Banana pudding.  It’s a southern thing I think.  And the pan of bread pudding always looks terrible, but the bread pudding, and praline sauce is delicious.  They also have a  line of sugar free desserts.

There’s no way I could post everything I ate.  As all buffets, they have snow crab legs and the melted yellow liquid they call “butter”.  It may really be butter for all I know.  Either way, it tastes good.  And a good thing about the snow crab legs are they are behind the counter.  You walk up, request a plate, the chef puts a few sections on it, hands it to you, and you leave.  I like that.  If you’ve ever been stuck behind a 300 pound person, with two plates, picking through the crab for the biggest pieces and stacking them two feet high on the plates as a line of people wait, you know why I appreciate that.

Oh, finally, if you go there, go to customer service and get a player’s club card.  They’re free and they’ll knock two dollars off the price of the buffet.  Buffet wise, the food here is pretty good.  I recommend the place!

158 Howard Ave., Biloxi, MS  39530  Ph: 228-432-8888

Blaine 4-22-2018


Back tonight and not happy! Snow crab is no longer included in the price of the buffet. You can get a pound and a half for an $8 up-charge I think it was. Also, the stuffed, fried shrimp I like was no longer in the buffet. Everything else was still good. But if you go to these buffets for all you can eat crab, skip this one now.

158 Howard Ave., Biloxi, MS  39530  Ph: 228-432-8888

Blaine 9-22-2018


The Palace Casino and Buffet is open, so on a little day trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast we decided to dine there!  We arrived right at about 5:00 PM and there was no line at all to get in the buffet.  When we left at about 5:50PM, there was a huge line.  If you plan on coming get here early.

Nothings really changed as far as the food.  Everything was still good.  Fewer tables and they’re spread out nicely for social distancing.  Also, as you can see in the last picture above you don’t grab your own plate to help yourself.  The plates and everything else is behind plexiglass.  A server will dish your food out for you, which has one drawback.  They give you too much!  At a place like this I like just a little of everything so I can graze more.  Moo.

The food:

That sign is behind plexiglass at the pasta station.  You tell the chef what you want, and he’ll whip it up.  We asked for all the veggies plus chicken and shrimp, alfredo style with angle hair pasta.  And that’s it to the right.

The rest of my meal in the pictures below consisted of boiled shrimp, fried shrimp, fried oysters (very good!), fried softshelled crabs, prime rib, pepperoni pizza, mashed potatoes with gravy, fried chicken thigh, banana pudding (New Orleans style with meringe topping and vanilla wafers), strawberry shortcake and bread pudding with a praline rum sauce.  Yes, I ate all that.  Made for a terrible drive back to New Orleans.  I just wanted to take a nap!

158 Howard Ave., Biloxi, MS 39530 Ph: 228-432-8888

Blaine 5-23-2020

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