That’s Amore Pizzeria, New Orleans, LA Report #90


Today seemed like a good day for a Chicago deep dish pizza, so we headed to this place.  It’s located on St. Charles Ave., right on the historic St. Charles Streetcar Line, so you can watch the streetcars, “trolleys” to people who don’t know any better, pass by as you dine.  It’s the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world, in operation since 1835.

You can’t help but notice the huge, red, wood burning oven when you walk in.  We started off with the fried cheese ravioli.  Very good with a delicious light marinara sauce.

Great side salads.  Plenty of black and green olives, cold fresh lettuce, some pepperoni and shredded fresh mozzarella cheese.  Yummy.

The meatballs and spaghetti were also delicious.  Tender, meaty meatballs and the same great marinara sauce.

Finally, the deep dish pizza.  We decided on the meat lovers special with pepperoni, sausage, Canadian bacon and meatballs.  They take 45 minutes to make so order ahead of time unless you don’t mind the wait.  I ordered ours before we left home and set the timer on my phone just to see how long it actually would take.  The pizza arrived at our table about 48 minutes after I ordered it.  Perfect.  And it was fantastic.

Great place.  If you’re craving a deep dish pizza or anything else I mentioned, I highly recommend it.

1205 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-324-7674

Blaine 4-22-2018

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