Five Guys, Harvey, LA Report #91


I normally wouldn’t review a national chain but I’m a serious burger lover.  That doesn’t mean I’d review joints like Burger King or McDonald’s, but just the special burger places, like Atomic Burger (Report #35), Desi Vegas (Report #1), Ground Patti (Report #13), Mooyah (Report #67), New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood (Report #25), Red Robin (report #36), Smash Burger (Report #17) and this place!

This is the Harvey location.  There’s also one in New Orleans in Mid City.  I like the free roasted salted peanuts.  They also have one of those fountain drink machines that offer 97,847 different kinds of drinks.  I love those.  In fact I had never had vanilla root beer, but they had it, so I tried it.  Yummy.

The burgers are simple, made to order and delicious.  All toppings are included in the price.  A regular size French fry is plenty enough for two people.  I recently bought some Naga Jolokia ketchup and brought it with me to try with my fries.  Naga Jolokia is the proper name for Ghost Peppers.  It had a great flavor, but not really too spicy.

If you want a good burger, this is a great place for that.

1523 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-609-2289

Blaine 4-28-2018


I can’t believe I haven’t been here since 2018!  Had a cheeseburger today, and they were just as fantastic as I remembered.  I added grilled onions to it.  I wanted to report I don’t remember seeing that veggie sandwich on the menu before.  It’s not one of those veggie burger patties, but just the veggies they top their burgers with served on a bun.  Not sure who would want that, but it’s there if that sounds like you.

Another thing I didn’t remember.  I was looking at the milkshake menu and I saw bacon.  I asked the guy waiting on us if they really had a bacon shake.  He said they did, but was nice enough to advise me most people order chocolate or vanilla.  If there was ever a time I wanted to tell someone, “No shit, Sherlock”, that was it.

I had never had a cherry milkshake before, so I ordered one, topped with whipped cream.  It was delicious.

And their fries are as good as I remember.  When a place posts a sign telling you todays potatoes are from St. Anthony, Idaho, you know they take their fries seriously.

Love this place.

1523 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058 Ph: 504-609-2289

Blaine 2-8-2020

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