Tennou Hibachi & Sushi Bar, Harvey, LA Report #92


I was in the mood for sushi so I decided to give Tennou a try.  Small place, but nice.  The only hot tea they have is green tea.  If you order it the pot comes out without tea bags in it, so it’s brewed ahead of time.  No waiting for it to steep.

The menu is pretty extensive.  We decided to start out with Wasabi Shrimp and Shumai for appetizers.

The shrimp were described as tempura shrimp with a wasabi mayo.  They were delicious.  To me, some tempura fried things aren’t crispy enough.  Sometimes they’re a little too light and kind of spongy.  These were VERY crisp.  The wasabi mayo wasn’t spicy at all as the name would imply.  It was actually a sweet dip.  Odd, but good.  The Shumai were also delicious.

Next the normal Japanese meal sides came out.  The salad with the carrot ginger dressing and the clear fish broth noodle soup.

The salad was good but nothing extraordinary about it.  The soup, however, was probably the worst I ever had.  The broth was totally flavorless.  May as well have been very lightly salted water.

We ordered the Tennou Love Boat for two for our entrée.  It comes with a bowl of fried rice.  It tasted pretty good, but I got the slight hint of an odor, like something may have been slightly spoiled in mine.  My dining partner said hers was fine. Either way, if I get sick later, I know it was the rice!

The Tennou Love Boat was really good.  Pretty good value for the price.  The sushi consisted of tuna, yellowtail, salmon, escolar, shrimp, crabstick and a California Roll.  The sashimi was salmon, yellowtail, tuna and escolar.  It also included teriyaki chicken and beef, and tempura shrimp and vegetables.  What was odd is the entrée is advertised as a dish “for two”, but they only gave you three tempura shrimp.  That’s enough to start a fight with the folks I dine with.  But it was so much food we were too stuffed to fight over the third shrimp.

I decided to try the Fried Banana for dessert.  Fried bananas with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and honey.  Yummy, but be advised when they come out they are VERY hot!  So let them sit on the table for a bit and just admire their deep fried beauty before you dig in.

Overall a nice meal.  I’ll be back.

1818 Manhattan Blvd. #11, Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-366-3898

Blaine 4-28-2018



     The sushi itch hit me tonight.  I was in the area so I figured I’d scratch it here.  Can’t believe it’s been over three years since I’ve been here!

       I decided on:

++++++++++++ THE FOOD ++++++++++++

The jalapeño popper things were really good! Nice and crisp with plenty of stuffing and served on a bed of sweet sauce. But beware, after 4 of them the spice had my mouth singing!

So I hit the sushi next. The coolness of everything calmed the fire in my mouth. It all tasted good and fresh.

I was kind of disappointed in the Dragon Roll. The first ingredient listed in the description was eel, but that’s what there was the least of. Some slices had more than others, but they all were mostly snowcrab salad. But it wasn’t bad. You still got the flavor of the eel.

The Yaki Udon was DELICIOUS! Great flavor, plenty of big shrimp, and chewy yet tender noodles. I will be back for this!

Great dinner tonight.

1818 Manhattan Blvd. #11, Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-366-3898

Blaine 9-24-2021

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