Fharmacy Bar & Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #94


I heard good things about the burgers at this place so it was high time I gave it a try.  The fact someone stole the “C” and “Y” off the side of the building doesn’t speak too well of the neighborhood it’s in, but I’ll risk anything for a good burger.  A couple Vietnamese guys run the place so there are a few Vietnamese / French inspired items on the menu, but I was here for the burgers.  Next visit I may try the Lemongrass Chicken Tacos or the Mussels & Frites, both of which sound delicious.

My dining partner and I decided on splitting the Classic All-American Burger and the Hot Sausage sandwich.

The burger was delicious.  Fresh toasted brioche bun and a nice thick slice of ripe tomato on it.  We always order our fries extra crispy and these were great.  And they give you plenty.  I wanted to, but forgot to ask if the pickles were made in house.  They didn’t have a very strong dill flavor and were very good.  They do make their own mayo (aioli).

After we ordered the hot sausage I realized I didn’t ask if it was a link or patties, and if it was served on French bread or a bun.  Well, it is a link, and served on a kind of hoagie roll.  The link was delicious with a nice spice to it.  The bad thing about a link was it didn’t cover the bread well, so I grabbed my knife and butterflied it right there at the table for maximum roll coverage.  Yes, I am just that talented.

Only thing I could knock the place on was the speed of the service.  It took about 30 minutes to get our food after we ordered it.  If you don’t mind the wait I recommend this place.

2540 Banks St., New Orleans, LA 70119  Ph: 504-324-6090

Blaine 5-12-2018

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