Lebanon’s Café, New Orleans, LA Report #95


As far as I’m concerned this is THE place to go for Middle Eastern food in New Orleans.  I’ve been here numerous times and never had a bad meal.  Also, every time I’ve come here the joint was jumping, but somehow they always seem to have a table open.  I’ve never had to wait for a table.  Not sure how they pull that off.

We started off with the hummus.  They serve it with some minced jalapeño and a little lemon juice in a little pool on the top.  Not spicy at all so don’t worry about that.  Very good.

Next we had the Spinach Filo.  Filo dough stuffed with spinach, feta and ricotta, served with a yummy, cool yogurt and cucumber sauce (Tzatziki).  Light, crispy and delicious.

My dining partner had the Gyro Plate, with lamb and beef, topped with a tahini sauce and served with Basmati rice and a salad.  She loved it.

I love lamb.  I decided on the Wonderful Lamb Shank, which was on the specials board (pictured after the menu pages).  Braised lamb shank sautéed with onions, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, garlic and sun dried tomatoes.  Served with a salad and Basmati rice.  I had to clear some of the veggies off to show the size of the lamb shank.  Nice sized lamb shank, falling off the bone tender and delicious.

One thing to remember if you dine here.  They consider the salad, which is very good, as a side dish, and serve it with your meal.  Once you bring out a big plate of delicious lamb and rice, a salad is the LAST thing I care about seeing!  I would have loved it while I was waiting for my meal.  So if you dine there and want your salad before your meal, be sure to let them know.  Also, the salad comes with a kind of tart lemon juice and olive oil dressing poured over it.  If that doesn’t appeal to you, also let them know to leave it off or serve it on the side.

Again, I’ve never had a bad meal here.  I highly recommend the place.

1500 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-862-6200

Blaine 5-13-2018


This is the first time I remember seeing this specials menu.  I came in with lamb on my mind, but I decided on that Sautéed Spinach with Shrimp dish.  Fantastic!  Only thing I hate more than overcooked shrimp is undercooked shrimp.  The shrimp were cooked perfectly.  And all those veggies stewed down with them gave the whole dish a great flavor.

1500 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118 Ph: 504-862-6200

Blaine 11-24-2019


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