Gold Coast Dogs, Chicago, IL Report #96

I first visited Chicago maybe 30 years ago, and until then I had never had hotdogs with anything on them except mustard and chili. Then I had my first Chicago style hotdog. I was astounded. Tomatoes and little green peppers? On a hotdog? But I liked it! So when I saw this place changing planes at Midway Airport in Chicago, I knew what I was having for lunch.

They’re open 24 hours, grill the hot dogs over an open flame, and have a nice lineup of the Chicago style hotdog toppers. They even sell some of them like the Chicago Style Relish and Sport Peppers. I have no idea how the relish gets that fluorescent green color.

They also have a couple gourmet soups. I decided on the Chicago Style dog with everything and the Lobster Bisque.

The hotdog was very good. Nice grilled flavor, bigger then the bun, which was soft and fresh. Loved the poppy seeds on the bun and all the toppings were cool and fresh.

“Gourmet” soup in an airport? Yeah, right. Surprised the hell out of me. The lobster bisque was DELICIOUS! Great lobster flavor and a nice flavor of Cognac or something similar in it. They could have served me this in a nice restaurant back in New Orleans and I would have been happy.

I googled this place and see there’s a few in Chicago. If you’ve got a hotdog itch I recommend this place to scratch it.

5757 S. Cicero Ave., Chicago, IL  60638  Ph: 773-735-6789

Blaine 5-24-2018

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