Stockholm Pie & General Store, Stockholm, WI Report #98


A blogger I follow, and a really great guy, mentioned this place months ago and raved about the pie.  I like pie, so I vowed to get here one day, and when I vow something I MEAN it!  So I ended up here in bustling Stockholm, Wisconsin.  Population 66.  And if everyone that was in the place lived here about 21% of the population visited this place while I was there.

Charming little place with really friendly people running it.  I was here for the pie but since it was lunch time I had to grab a sandwich.  I decided on a sandwich called “The Thankful”.  Sliced smoked turkey breast and Wisconsin Swiss Cheese, served with a cranberry chutney.  That chutney really made the sandwich.  It was delicious.  The pickles they served with it were the kind of sweet, bread and butter type pickles.  I’m strictly a dill kind of guy so I just left those off.  Sweet pickles clash with my sweet personality.  Loved the bread so I asked about it.  It was called Norwegian Health Bread and they sell it at the store.  According to I’m 0% Norwegian and I survived eating it, so if you’re not Norwegian don’t be concerned.

My dining partner had the pecan pie a la mode.  Being born and raised in New Orleans she KNOWS pecan pies and she was very impressed with this one.  She said it was excellent.

I had the caramel apple crunch pie, also a la mode with whipped cream, and it was also very good.

So, if you ever end up in Stockholm, Wisconsin, and are in the mood for a good sandwich and some pie, I recommend this place!

N2030 Spring St., Stockholm, WI  54769  Ph: 715-442-5505

Blaine  5-26-2018

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