Twin City Grill, Bloomington, MN Report #99


Continuing my travels through the great, white north, which happened to be just as hot as it was in New Orleans when I left, I ended up at the Mall of America.  A wondrous place.  Then hunger struck.

This place was pretty good.  They start you off with some whipped butter and warm rolls, which always makes me happy.  The soup of the day was artichoke/bacon, which was really good.  We then had the bacon wrapped scallops, served with an apricot glaze.  They could have been seared a little more but they were delicious.  That glaze went great with them.

For an entrée, my dining partner had the Northern Walleye Fish Fry, which was basically their version of fish and chips.  The Walleye was tender, flaky and BONE FREE.  Unlike that other place that claimed to be the pride of Minnesota (see report #97).  Delicious.

I decided on the beef stroganoff.  A nice serving of very tender beef in a delicious sauce over perfectly cooked pasta.  Very good.

We decided to try the loaded mac and cheese as a side.  Plenty cheesy with bacon and tomatoes in it.  Huge portion too.  If you order that as a side bring some help to eat it.

For dessert we had the banana cream pie.  One of the tastiest banana cream pies I ever had.  My dining partner helped me eat a lot of it but I didn’t really need any help.  That happens sometimes.  It makes me sad.

Great place.  I recommend it.

130 North Garden, Bloomington, MN  55425  Ph: 952-854-0200

Blaine 5-27-2018

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