Pêche, New Orleans, LA Report #101

I’ll just start off by saying EVERYTHING we had here was delicious.  It’s located in the Warehouse District, where parking can be a pain.  But if you ever visit the World War II museum here in New Orleans, and pay to park there, this restaurant is only a block away.  So walk down Magazine Street and enjoy!

We started off with the seafood gumbo, shrimp toast and fish.  The gumbo had a nice dark roux and was very flavorful.  The shrimp toast was just like the kind you get in a Chinese restaurant.  Shrimp puree spread on toast and fried.  And the fish sticks were strips of fried catfish served with a great tartar sauce.  Crispy, well seasoned and delicious.

For my entrée I decided on the grilled swordfish with saffron rice pilaf and mushrooms and arugula.  As I said earlier.  Delicious!  The swordfish was grilled perfectly with a nice, smoky flavor like it had been grilled over a wood flame, and the pilaf and arugula were a great accompaniment.

We had debated trying the fried bread with sea salt as an appetizer then decided to order it with our entrees.  That’s what’s pictured in the small bowl by my swordfish and rice dish.  They were great!  Not too salty and like a cross between a soft pretzel and beignet.

My dining partner decided on the crawfish and jalapeño capellini, listed under small plates, as her entrée.   Nice size portion for a “small plate”.  Very tasty dish.

For desert we couldn’t decide between the key lime pie or the magic cake, so we did what any rational person would do.  We got both!

The key lime pie was fantastic.  It tasted like homemade with fresh squeezed lime juice and a graham cracker crust.

Now, the magic cake was described as “flan, flourless chocolate cake + dark chocolate shell”.   I’ve never had anything like this.  The chocolate shell was hard.  Like slicing into a turtle.  BUT, with a little determination, I cracked through it!  It was covered with what I think was Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies, but I can’t be sure since I haven’t had those since I was maybe 10 years old, and a caramel sauce.  Also, the “flan” potion of it was also more of a cheesecake, served over a thin layer of chocolate flourless cake.  It was very good!

Even though we didn’t order it, I inquired about the Louisiana shrimp roll.  They said it was like a New England style lobster roll.  A cold shrimp salad sandwich.  I wouldn’t mind trying that next time.

If you come to this place and think something on the menu sounds strange, just trust them and order it.  After this experience I can almost guarantee you it’ll be good.  I highly recommend this place.

800 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-522-1744

Blaine 6-2-2018

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