Zydeco’s, Belle Chasse, LA Report #104


I like this place.  I’ve ordered off the menu before and the food is good, but today I came for the seafood buffet.  I normally shy away from buffets because they’re more about quantity than quality. That’s not the case here.  You can go to any casino buffet and find Snow crab legs, but this is the only buffet I know of that has Snow, King AND Dungeness crab on it.  And I just love crab!

I went in, was seated and ordered the buffet.  With the seafood buffet you get a salad if you want it and a serving of bread pudding at the end.  I didn’t really want the salad but I got it to show y’all what it looked like.  Nice little salad.

I headed to the buffet and  immediately noticed that big, empty spot you see filled with ice.  That’s where they normally have the raw oysters on the half shell.  All the fixings were there, just no raw oysters.  I asked if some were coming out soon and the waitress told me the oyster delivery guy didn’t show up so they didn’t have any.  I should have been told that when I ordered the buffet, but no matter.  I’m not a fan of raw oysters anyway, but a lot of people love them.  I’m sure some people come here mainly for the oysters on the half shell.

I was then hit with more unexpected news.  They no longer have King crab on the buffet!  Just Snow and Dungeness crab, along with boiled shrimp and crawfish.  They also have the standard popular sides for boiled shrimp and crawfish, boiled potatoes and corn.  They’re boiled in crab boil, so they’re well seasoned and a little spicy.  I was disappointed but Dungeness crab happens to be my favorite, so I gorged myself on them.  And a little Snow crab too.  I’m not sure how many pounds of crab I ate and how much melted butter, but at this moment I never want to see a crab again!

They also have very good seafood gumbo and fried seafood.  My favorite fried foods are the frog legs and soft-shelled crabs.  The crabs are small, but no matter.  You can eat all you want!  They won’t look at you funny if you eat 19 crabs.  Everything is crispy and seasoned perfectly.  The boiled crawfish and shrimp are also very good.

Finally, the bread pudding.  I’m a bread pudding connoisseur and theirs is EXCELLENT!  And they don’t skimp on the rum sauce, if that’s what it is.  Whatever kind of sauce it is it’s delicious.

Oh, almost forgot to mention.  Your hands get messy eating boiled seafood, so there’s a sink for you to wash your hands outside the restrooms.  They’re single occupancy bathrooms so you don’t have to wait if you only want to wash your hands.  I like that.

Weather you decide on the buffet or ordering off the menu, I recommend the place.

7010 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-393-0510

Blaine 6-10-2018


Back to Zydeco’s tonight. The raw oysters were back on the seafood buffet as well as blue crabs. I tried the Cajun Pressed Poboy. Basically a Cuban sandwich. Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, mustard and pickles on French bread pressed and served nice and hot and all melty. Very good sandwich!

We also shared a seafood platter. Great fried seafood and decent jambalaya as a side. Also, the portion of bread pudding you get if you order it as a dessert is a lot bigger than the one included with the buffet. But after that buffet you don’t need a lot.

7010 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-393-0510

Blaine 6-21-2018



Went to Zydecos tonight to hit the seafood bar, and received the shock of my life.  IT WAS GONE!!  Where it once stood a real bar stood now.  Sadness is not the word for what I felt.  More like utter devastation.

You can still order all you can eat boiled seafood.  The menu is in the second picture.  Whatever you order includes everything below it.  So if you order the Dungeness Crab for $37.99, it also includes Snow Crab, shrimp and blue crab, plus corn, potatoes and sausage.

Everything we ordered was very good.  The crab cakes didn’t look like much but they were delicious.  No jumbo lump, but that stringy body and claw meat with that great flavor that screams crabby goodness!  And plenty of it.

The seafood pasta and fried seafood platter were equally delicious.  The fried oysters on the platter were huge.

Still a great place, but I miss the bar!

7010 LA-23, Belle Chasse, LA  70037  Ph: 504-393-0510

Blaine 3-1-2019

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