Mr. John’s Steak House, New Orleans, LA Report #105


Located on the historic St. Charles Avenue streetcar line, a local food critic named Tom Fitzmorris has called this the best steakhouse in New Orleans.  I decided to see for myself.

To begin we ordered the Braised Pork Belly as an appetizer and a cup of Turtle Soup.

Before our appetizers arrived they bought out a couple of meatballs for us to try as a little lagniappe (a little something extra) and some garlic bread.  Very good meatball!  I didn’t see meatballs anywhere on the menu so I guess they just make them to give away as a freebie.  But it was so good if they had meatballs and spaghetti I’d go back and order it.

The pork belly was served on garlic mashed potatoes with a truffle demiglace.  It was delicious, but the pork belly was cut very thin.  I guess pork belly (bacon) appetizers are a thing now at high end steak houses.  I also had it at Chophouse (Report #27), and there’s was cut a lot thicker.  I liked theirs better, but again, both were delicious.

I asked what I always ask.  “Do y’all use real turtle meat in your turtle soup”?  A lot of places use other meats and still call it turtle soup.  The waiter said, “Yes, alligator snapping turtle”.  For a cup it was a generous portion, served with a splash of Sherry if you so desire (which I always do!), and very good.

The waiter suggested a salad or something for my dining partner while I had the soup so she wouldn’t have to sit and watch me eat, and she took him up on that and got a Caesar Salad.  She loved it and the house made Caesar dressing.

We decided on the Porterhouse For Two for our entrée.  A 48 ounce, USDA Prime steak, cooked medium rare.  Before the steak came out they brought us each a plate with bubbling hot seasoned, melted butter on it.  It was so hot you could feel the heat coming off it.  Then came the steak.  Cooked perfectly, nicely seared, tender, juicy and utterly delicious.  Pre-sliced into nice sized serving pieces right on the bone.  For sides we had mac n cheese and sautéed mushrooms, both of which were very good.

We asked the waiter for a dessert menu, and he ran down the desserts for us.  When he said chocolate bread pudding I stopped him there.  My dining companion asked if it was white chocolate bread pudding, which is popular down here, and he told us it was a combo of chocolate and white chocolate.  That’s a new one on me.  It was fantastic.  One of the best bread puddings I’ve ever had.

Best steakhouse in New Orleans?  That’s debatable, but I would describe it as excellent.  I highly recommend it.

2111 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-679-7697

Blaine 6-23-2018


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