Sushi Village, Metairie, LA Report #108

If you go to Metairie, LA., and look really hard, you’ll find Sushi Village in a little strip mall nestled between a Jenny Craig and a frame shop.  The only reason I found the place was because Groupon sent me an email and it was a featured restaurant.  I didn’t read the fine print on the Groupon and it was only good from Mon-Thurs for dinner.  We went for lunch on a Saturday and they were nice enough to still let us use it!  We left a really nice tip to show our appreciation.

Small place, and not for you if you like sitting at the sushi bar.  There’s no seating at it.  The menu wasn’t really extensive but spread out over so many pages I didn’t bother to take pictures of it.  To me, most sushi places have basically the same things on their menu so I look for new or different things.  When I saw the Sushi Pizza appetizer I had to try it!  We also ordered Crab Rangoon, a shrimp tempura dinner, a steak and scallop Habachi Dinner, and since I love soft shelled crabs so much, I decided on trying the soft shell crab sushi.

The house salad with the carrot/ginger dressing and the clear soup were good, but about what you’d expect from any sushi place.  The Crab Rangoon filling was what you’d expect, but the actual fried wontons were different.  They had a chewy texture to them.  Different and good!  I liked it.

The Sushi Pizza was anything but an appetizer.  It was big enough to be a meal!  And since my dining partner won’t touch raw fish I had to eat the whole thing.  It was delicious.  A really nice, crispy flaky crust, kind of like phyllo dough, and a kind of sweet, seasoned, aioli (mayo) type sauce on top.  I really enjoyed it.

I didn’t care for the soft shelled crab sushi.  The crabs were fried very crispy and seasoned nicely, but they were so small it was hard to taste the crab with all the rice and wasabi.

The Shrimp Tempura dinner was very good.  The steak and scallop dinner was just ok.  At first glance I thought it was loaded with scallops, but then I noticed how thin they were.  Scallops that big around would be a lot thicker.  They fillet the scallops into disc to stretch them out.  So there may have been three scallops in the dish.  They didn’t skimp on the broccoli though.  There was a ton of that!

Overall, nice place.  I’d recommend it.

3535 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-885-8678

Blaine 7-7-2018


      I had kind of forgotten about this place, but again, Groupon notified me there was a Groupon on sale.  It was a special sale, with less than 8 hours left when I noticed it.  $17 for $35 worth of food!  How could I pass that up?

     We ordered a salmon and avocado roll, spicy scallop sushi, gyoza dumplings and crab rangoon for appetizers, and a tempura shrimp and teriyaki steak dinner.  

@@@@@@@@@@     THE FOOD      @@@@@@@@@@

The salad that came with our dinners was very good! The lettuce was cool and crisp, and the dressing was more flavorful than I’m used to with that carrot/ginger dressing that you get at every sushi place.

Both sushi selections were very yummy.

Same with the appetizers!

I was kind of disappointed when I saw the steak teriyaki. I thought it’d be an actual steak. But it was cut up in small cubes. I was happy when I tasted it though. Very tender with a good, thick teriyaki sauce.

My dining partner really enjoyed her tempura shrimp.

But what we both thought was really delicious was the fried rice. Very simple. Rice with some egg in it, but done perfectly! I couldn’t finish all the beef but I polished that off!

Great little place. Groupon or not, I’ll be back.

3535 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA  70002  Ph: 504-885-8678

Blaine 4-10-2021

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