Two Sistas ‘N Da East, New Orleans, LA Report #109


If you’re driving west bound on Chef Hwy. and you see a sign on a telephone pole reading, “CHITTERLINGS”, it’s a good sign you’ve found a soul food restaurant.  The other side of the pole reads “RABBIT”, and a sign on the next telephone pole reads “SOUL FOOD”.  This place used to be located just a little north of the French Quarter, but now resides in a building that was an old Pizza Hut out in New Orleans East.  This was my “go to” place for soul food years ago, but I haven’t visited them since they made the move to the East.  I was way overdue!

As soon as we sat down, before we even ordered, they bought us two pieces of corn bread.  It’s excellent as I had remembered.  Buttered, soft and sweet.  As soon as I saw oxtails on the menu I knew what I was ordering.  Even though the menu read “No substitutions”, they were nice enough to let me get my plate of oxtails with red beans.

When I was a kid, oxtails were almost free.  Butchers would just about give them away.  I’m not sure why they are so expensive now.  Maybe since they’ve been popularized by Jamaican cuisine and a few others?  Anyway, I was assuming I’d get a few small oxtails.  I was pleasantly surprised at the size of these.  They were huge!  If you had told me three oxtails would fill me up I would have thought you were smoking crack, but these did!  They were falling off the bone tender and utterly delicious.  The red beans on the other hand could have been creamier, but they were ok. The potato salad was pretty good, too.

My dining partner ordered the fried chicken and asked if she could substitute collard greens for the string beans.  Again, it was no problem.  They even threw in a sweet potato and some mac n cheese with her meal.  The fried chicken was a little dry but she said the way all the sides went with it the meal was great.

We were too full to order dessert, but I included a picture of what they were offering on the checkout counter.  Numerous cakes with different flavored icings, peach cobbler and small sweet potato pies.

Pretty good place for soul food.  I recommend it!

9901 Chef Menteur Hwy., New Orleans, LA  70127  Ph: 504-242-0469

Blaine 7-8-2018

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