Tea House Theatre, London, England Report #112


Through no fault of my own I ended up in London, England.  Time for some English grub, and we ended up in what seemed to be the perfect place for a traditional English breakfast.  Cute little place.  I loved the way they had different desserts covered on each table for you to see.

I’m not really a tea drinker, but when in Rome do like the Romans.  I couldn’t come to England and not have tea, and our English host said Earl Grey was about the most English tea on the menu, so that’s what I got.  The pots come out in little sweaters!  I like that!  They don’t use tea bags, but put the loose tea in the pot of hot water, and include a little strainer on the top of the pot to strain your tea through, and a little metal dish to put the strainer in afterwards.  It was very good.

For breakfast I couldn’t decided between “The Best Full English In London”, and the “Welsh Rarebit”, so I got both.

The Full English consisted of bacon (which was more like ham), sausage, eggs, black pudding, hash browns, baked beans, cooked tomatoes, mushrooms and toast.  I knew the black pudding contained blood, so I asked the waitress exactly what it was.  She said it was blood and rice.  Period.  The two pics after the pic of the entire plate are closeups of it.  I have no problem eating something with cooked blood.  In fact, as a kid when I’d visit western Louisiana I use to love Red Boudin, which was a rice and pork sausage with hogs blood in it.  I ate it all but wouldn’t care to eat it again.  It just doesn’t really have much flavor to me.  Why waste the calories on it?  Everything else was very good.

I’ve heard of Welsh Rarebit since I was a kid.  I think they called it “Welsh Rabbit” in a Bugs Bunny cartoon and they were trying to cook Bugs into it.  Anyway, that was very good too!  Loved the cheese and the grainy English mustard.

We also had scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam I think it was.  That was yummy.

Finally for dessert we had some kind of almond tart.  That was delicious.

If you want to experience a real English breakfast, I highly recommend this place.  But don’t make a special trip to England for it if you’re here in America.  That’s a seriously long flight.

139 Vauxhall Walk, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HL, UK  Ph: +44 20 7207 4585

Blaine 7-17-2018

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