Gunpowder, London, England Report #113


There are a bunch of Indian restaurants in London, and this has to be one of the best.  I only say that because I can’t imagine the food being much better!  Which means this will be a short report.

One thing about this place.  If you call and reserve a table you’ll have to give a credit card to leave a twenty pound deposit per person.   That’s $26.20 at the time of this writing.  And after seeing the place I understand why.  That one picture I posted of the dining room is the ENTIRE place.  My back was against the inside of the front door when I took it.  So if you book a table of nine, as we did, and then don’t show up, they’ve forfeited almost half of their business waiting on you, so I don’t blame them.

First look at the menu, I wondered why the prices were so cheap.  It’s because every dish is a small plate, pretty much like you’re ordering tapas.  I love dining like that because you can try so many different dishes, and that’s exactly what we did.

Now for the food.  That one page pictured is the whole menu.  We ordered, in order of the pictures, spicy venison and vermicelli doughnut, chettinad pulled duck served with homemade oothppam, sigree grilled mustard broccoli, porzhi okra fries, organic baby chicken chargrilled in tandoori spices, Nagaland house crispy pork ribs w/tamarind kachumber, saag with tandoori paneer, karwari soft shelled crab, aromatic rice in banana leaf, dark chocolate & cinnamon w’ passion fruit shrikhand and old monk rum pudding.

The first dish pictured is the venison and vermicelli doughnut.  I had no idea what that would look like.  Actually, I had no idea what ANYTHING on the menu would look like!  I cut it in half to show the ground venison inside the fried vermicelli.  Very good.

The best dish in my opinion was easily the soft shelled crab.  Again, I had no idea what to expect.  Being from New Orleans I love the big, blue crabs we eat here as soft shelled crabs, but what would I get in London?  A fried, soft shelled hermit crab from the Thames River?  Well, it was a blue crab.  Seasoned and fried perfectly with an utterly delicious sauce on it.  One of the best soft shelled crabs I’ve ever had.

The only dish I didn’t care for was the duck dish.  That’s the taco looking thing pictured right after the venison dish.  I’m not sure what they did to the duck meat but it tasted kind of “jellied”.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  And the taco shell, which I assume is the “oothppam”, wasn’t very tasty.

Everything else was delicious.  Especially the two desserts.  I highly recommend this place.

11 White’s Row, London E1 7NF, UK  Ph: +44 20 7426 0542

Blaine 7-17-2018

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