Nando’s, Edinburgh, Scotland Report #114


If you’re a chicken lover, Nando’s is the place for you.  I had been to one in Annapolis, Maryland, and just took it for granted it was an American restaurant.  I was surprised to see one in Scotland.  Come to find out they’re headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have about 1,000 restaurants in 30 countries.  They specialize in Mozambican-Portuguese style chicken and peri peri pepper sauces.  Since I got that all from Wikipedia none of it may be true, but it sounds good to me.

You can order your chicken extra mild, mild, medium, hot or extra hot.  I got mine extra hot and it isn’t really all that spicy to me, but then again, I’m from New Orleans.  I’ve been eating Tabasco Sauce since I was four.  The food isn’t totally bland though.  You can taste some spice.  The sauces however are delicious, and they have numerous bottles in the place so you can take as many as you want to your table to try them all.  I particularly like the Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce.

We started off with the fried Halloumi Sticks & Dip.  Delicious sticks of fried, Halloumi cheese.  No thick batter to get in the way either.  Just naked, fried cheese.

Since I happen to be a pig I went with the 4 Chicken Thighs under the “Off the bone” section of the menu.  4 grilled chicken thighs with the skin on, which is the best part, but deboned.  For sides I went with the Spicy Rice (not spicy) and Creamy Mash (just plain, mashed potatoes).  The chicken was great.  Sides I choose rather plain.  I had the mashed peas with parsley, mint and chili that time I was in Maryland and discovered I wasn’t a mashed pea type of guy.  If you like mashed peas, give it a try.

My dining partners had chicken wings and the Beanie (veggie) burger.  The wings were good and my vegetarian dining partner said the burger pattie was very good, but the bun was hard.  Not stale, just hard.

For dessert I tried one of the “Naughty Nata”s.  They describe it as a “traditional Portuguese custard tart”.  I should have gotten more than one.  It was delicious!

So if you’re anywhere in the world, in the mood for chicken, and you see a Nando’s, pop in and enjoy!

Omni Centre, Greenside Place, Edinburgh EH1 3AA, UK  Ph: +44 131 557 3024

Blaine 7-18-2018



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