The Smithy, Stirling, Scotland Report #115


After touring Doune Castle we found a nice little café in Stirling for lunch.  When we arrived they told us they had just got a big phone in order, and it would be awhile until they get to us because they cook everything fresh to order.  We decided to stay and we were glad we did.  Also, the wait wasn’t that long.

Cute little place with dining on a couple different levels and in the garden outside.  There are a bunch of places over here that have the feel of dining in someone’s house.  There’s also a little gift shop inside.  Now the food.

Since I was in Scotland I knew I had to try haggis.  I had done a little research and found it was normally served with “neeps and tatties”, which are mashed turnips and potatoes, on the side.  Here, it was served in a ramekin, topped with the mashed potatoes and turnips on top, like a Shepard’s Pie.  Haggis itself is a bunch of sheep organ meats (I’m talking lungs and stuff) ground up, mixed with seasonings and oats, and boiled in some kind of casing normally like a sheep’s intestines or stomach.  It was delicious!  But I still wanted to try it in the traditional fashion.  Stay tuned.  That’s coming soon.

Our dining party also had the steak sandwich, a burger, fish and chips (we did find a few bones in the fish filet so use caution), and the goat cheese omelette with ham and spinach. Everything was hot, fresh and delicious, and the people that run the place couldn’t have been friendlier.  Oh, and the little side salads they serve are delicious too!  Loaded with all kinds of fresh greens and sprouts.

So if you ever find yourself in Stirling, Scotland, I highly recommend this place.

73-75 St. Mary’s Wynd, Stirling FK8 1BU, UK  Ph: +44 1786 449142

Blaine  7-18-2018

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