Kimchee, London, England Report #118


This is the last place I ate in the United Kingdom before heading back home.  It hit me I’ve never had Korean food.  New Orleans just isn’t a Korean food town.  In fact, I can only think of one Korean restaurant back home and it’s actually in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie.  I was looking forward to this new experience!

We had a problem right away with the management.  We had just took a train in from Scotland and had our small, carry on suitcases with us.  They told us we need to leave them unattended by the open front door.  We refused of course since anyone would be able to walk away with them and took them to our tables.  A little bit after we ordered what ended up being about $140 worth of food, someone, maybe the manager came to our table insisting we bring our suitcases to the front door.  The place wasn’t crowded at all, we were in no ones way, so I told her that’s not happening.  If we had to do that to dine there we’d just leave and they could cancel all the food we just ordered.  We ended up keeping our bags at the table.

The place is beautiful with a nice, fresh, modern look.  This was my first time seeing metal chopsticks.  I was impressed.

We started out with the Mackerel Jorim.  Mackerel cooked in a green and red chili and soy sauce.  If you don’t mind the “fishy” taste of maceral, you’d love this.  It was cooked skin on so it was really fishy tasting, but the spices used in the dish were wonderful.  Very good.

Next we had chargrilled pork buns (the two taco looking things) and pork dumplings.  Both were delicious.

Three of my dinning companions decided on the same dish.  The Dolsot Bibimbap.  Those are the three dishes you see with the raw egg on top.  One got beef, one chicken and one tofu.  It was a mix of sticky rice, veggies, chili paste and sesame oil served in a hot pot.  The dish was hot enough that when you stirred the egg in it cooked.  I didn’t try it but they said it was pretty good, but they weren’t too impressed.

I decided on the Bulgogi under the Chargrilled Meat section of the menu.  I had always heard of Korean BBQ and figured that was it.  I also ordered a bowl of rice.  When she brought it to the table I asked what the sauce was that came with it and she told me it was red bean paste.  She said Koreans wrap the beef in a lettuce leaf with the rice, then dip it in the sauce and eat it.  I’m glad she told me that because I figured the lettuce was very plain side salad.  I wouldn’t have touched it.  Anyway, I ate it as I was told to and it was delicious.

For dessert we tried the Kong-Galu Crème Brulee with almond ice cream.  Utterly delicious.  One of the best crème brulees I ever had and the ice cream, with little pieces of almond in it, was fantastic.

Oh, also when I got the check I was told to be sure kimchee wasn’t on it.  Apparently someone in my dining party ordered it but they never served it to us.  If I had known that I would have brought it up earlier because I would have liked to try it in an authentic Korean restaurant.

Good food.  If you’re ever in London I recommend it.

That concludes my food tour of the UK.  My next report will be back in good old New Orleans!  Or somewhere in that immediate area.

2 Pancras Rd., Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG, UK  Ph: +44 20 3907 8474

Blaine 7-21-2018



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