Slug & Lettuce, Edinburgh, Scotland Report #116


Cute place, weird name.  We started out with the nachos.  They don’t do nachos very well in the United Kingdom.  The salsa tasted like ketchup and pickled onions just didn’t go with everything else.  They do do sour cream well though in the UK.  That was good.

One of my dining partners decided on the Meat Board under “Sharing Boards” on the menu.  Great value for the price.  The thing was huge.  Fried chicken “goujons”, which were like what we’d call chicken tenders, chicken wings, honey and cider chorizo, cured meat antipasti, mini dogs, ciabatta bread strips and dips and fries.  The hot dogs were more like brats, and everything was very good.

The fish and chips were good, and our vegetarian dining partner liked the Quinoa Chili.

I had a pretty good workout lifting weights that day and wanted a protein rich meal, so I opted for the 10oz Rump Steak medium rare.  It was terrible.  Pretty tough and it tasted like they didn’t even sprinkle a little salt on it.  Totally flavorless.  So I do something I never do.  I asked for steak sauce.  I was expecting a choice between A1 and Heinz 57, but the waitress told me they only had pepper corn and something else.  I forgot what it was.  So I opted for peppercorn, thinking they put something like a peppercorn ranch salad dressing on steaks there.

Then I waited and waited.  She passed back a little later and I asked her if she forgot about my steak sauce, and she tells me they’re almost finished cooking it.  Then she brings me a little cup of a hot, gravy like sauce full of peppercorns.  It was very good!  Helped the steak out a lot.  So apparently in Scotland steak sauce equals gravy.

Dessert wise they had a three for 7 pounds deal on the menu.  We decided on the Warm Mini Churros, Clotted Cream Cheesecake Bites and Strawberry Scone Bites.  All three were delicious!  They do desserts well.

All in all the place was pretty good.  I recommend it.

Unit 8 Omni Leisure Dev., Edinburgh, EH1 3BN, UK  Ph: +44 131 524 7700

Blaine 7-19-2018



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