Whiski Bar & Restaurant, Edinburgh, Scotland Report #117


While touring the Royal Mile in Edinburgh my party had a schism.  One wanted to eat lunch at a place called the Whiski Bar and Restaurant and another wanted to eat lunch at a place called the Mitre Bar.  Also, two wanted to tour Edinburgh Castle while I was starving and had seen quite enough of castles.  So myself and the Whiski Bar faction headed to the Whiski Bar with the promise to eat a second lunch at the Mitre Bar when they finished at the castle.

Nice looking bar.  Loved the décor inside.  We started out splitting an order of the salmon and haddock fishcakes.  Really bready but with a nice smoked salmon flavor.  They do tartar sauce really good here.  That was yummy.  Too much bread for me though in the fishcakes.  I wouldn’t order them again.

One of my dining partners had been here before and wanted to split the Whiski Burger, which consisted of haggis, bacon, cheese and a smoky whisky and onion chutney.  It was delicious!  If you come here you must try it.

For dessert we had the Sticky Toffee Pudding.  That also was delicious.  If you like toffee, you’ll love it.

Now, later we met at the bar right up the street called the Mitre Bar.  If you read Report #115 you saw I vowed to have haggis served in the traditional manner and even though I wasn’t a bit hungry I got it here!  It’s the last picture above.  The haggis was served solo with “Neeps and Tatties” (mashed turnips and potatoes), and a delicious brown gravy.  It was great.  I love haggis!  If I can find some sheep lungs I’d try to make my own!  I’m not doing a report on The Mitre Bar but I would recommend it.  Everything else we had there was very good.  I also highly recommend the Whiski Bar & Restaurant.

119 High St., Edinburgh EH1 1SG, UK  Ph: +44 131 556 3095

Blaine  7-20-2018


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