Panda King, Gretna, LA Report #119


I’m not a fan of Chinese buffets.  In fact, it’s hard for me to even consider them “restaurants”.  But, I know a lot of people love them so here’s a report on one.

If you go to a Chinese buffet I suggest you go during their busiest times.  That’s when the food is freshest since it’s being replaced more often and not just sitting out.  Besides Chinese food they also have an assortment of small, cheaply made sushi rolls, and a hibachi section.  Several raw meats and vegetables you can plate up and bring to the chef to stir fry up for you.

They also have numerous American foods if you don’t want Chinese food at all.  Today they had red beans and rice, fried chicken, roasted chicken, macaroni and cheese, smoked sausage, spaghetti and meatballs, boiled shrimp, green beans and corn.

Two things they have that I love.  First are the homemade dinner rolls.  Hot, soft, white rolls with a huge chunk of soft butter right next to them.  Perfect to scratch my carb craving itch.

Next is the Eggplant with Garlic Sauce.  I wish I knew how they made this.  It’s utterly delicious, and I’m not really a big eggplant fan!  But I could come here just for this dish.

On one part of the numerous buffet tables they have Egg Foo Young, Mandarin Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken.  Egg Foo Young and Mandarin Chicken are traditionally served with a type of brown gravy, and the Sweet and Sour Chicken of course is served with a sweet and sour sauce.  They do something smart here, by having a big vat of the brown gravy and sweet and sour source separate from the chicken and eggs.  That way the chicken stays kind of crispy until you put it all together when constructing your dish.

Dessert wise they have a bunch of little tasteless pastries which taste worse than what you’d get out of a long expired Little Debbie’s box, and a soft serve ice cream machine, serving what tastes like ice milk.  Toppings wise, there’s only a little bowl of crushed, sugared peanut topping.  Oh, there’s also a vat of vanilla and chocolate pudding on the buffet, if you want to brave open air pudding off a buffet.  I’m not quite that brave.

As you can see from the check you can’t find a much cheaper lunch.  So if you’re in the Gretna area and want to fill your stomach cheaply, feel free to drop in.  Can’t say I recommend any Chinese Buffet, but you could do worse than this one.

925 Behrman Hwy., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-433-0388

Blaine 7-28-2018

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