Bud’s Broiler, New Orleans, LA Report #123

********** PERMANENTLY CLOSED **********


I’m a big fan of burgers and this is my lifetime favorite burger joint.  The original Bud’s Broiler opened up in a New Orleans suburb in 1952.  This was the next location, and the first one to open in the city of New Orleans, at 500 City Park Ave., in 1956.

This building is very old. There isn’t much seating downstairs but they do have an upstairs dining area.  I’ve never been up there.  I’m kind of nervous about going up there.  I’ve never seen anyone go up, and I’ve never see anyone come down.  I won’t say anymore about that.

They cook everything over a real charcoal fire, and they’re open 24 hours.  That’s right.  They keep a charcoal grill going 24 hours a day.  That must take some work.  Everything is cooked to order.  You order your burger by numbers.  I remember as a little kid, maybe 8 years old or so, I went in for the first time and saw the #4.  The description has never changed.  “MEAT, grated cheddar cheese, chili or our own hickory smoked sauce”.  I thought, “Wait a minute.  I’ve never had chili on anything but a hot dog.  They put it on hamburgers?  Good grief, I’ve gotta try one”!  And since then that has been the only burger I’ve ordered here.  I’ve never even tried their hickory smoked sauce, but people say it’s delicious.  Also, if you order the #4 they ask you if you want onions, and the answer is, “yes”.  The diced onions go great with it.  I ordered that today and the #12, which is a Crabcake Burger with tarter sauce and lettuce.  I had never noticed that on the menu before so I assume it’s new.

The burger was great as always.  I kind of slid the top bun to the side so you could appreciate the inner construction of it.  They put shredded cheddar cheese on the bun, chili on that, then the hamburger patty, then more chili, then the optional diced onions.  Totally delicious.

The crabcake burger was good, but it tasted nothing like a crabcake.  It tasted like a fast food restaurant fish sandwich.  In fact if I didn’t know any better, and you told me it was a fish sandwich, I would have believed you.  But again, it was good!  Very tasty.

I also love their fries.  Just thin cut potatoes fried crisp and salted.  No silly batter or anything.

One final note.  They don’t buy hot dog buns, so if you order a hot dog, it’ll come butterflied on a hamburger bun.

So if you come to Bud’s Broiler please don’t be like me and order the same exact thing for 46 years.  Be adventurous.  Try different things, but by all means get the #4 with chili, cheese and onions!

Blaine 8-4-2018


A legal dispute caused this location to close. I am sad. 😢

Blaine 12-13-2018


14 thoughts on “Bud’s Broiler, New Orleans, LA Report #123

  1. I feel bad because of all the fans here, but I must dissent. I like the char grilled taste but that’s about where it stops for me. Last couple of times there, there were frozen discs of patties sitting on the side ready for the grill, so that kinda got me. The cooked meat is tight and what I consider pretty tough and overcooked. I love the nostalgia and all, and I really tried, but it’s just not an option for me with all the other great burgers in town. Then it closed.

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    1. Nothing to feel bad about! Any blog I write is just my opinion. No way everyone in the world will share my opinion. And yep. They’ve shut down now so it’s a moot point. I keep hearing about a place called Ben’s in Metairie that grills their burgers over charcoal. Can’t wait to get out there and check them out.


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