Jack Dempsey’s, New Orleans, LA Report #124


I never say anything about myself but here’s one tidbit of information.  I’m a retired New Orleans Police Officer.  That’s pertinent because this place is located three blocks away from the now defunct New Orleans Police Department 5th District Police Station, which was the first place I worked when I joined the NOPD in 1985, and when I discovered this place.  Back then as a rookie cop starting a family this was a place I could only afford on payday or a special occasion!  Can’t remember the last time I was here but I was in the mood for fried seafood and that’s one thing they do great here.

I always thought this restaurant was named after Jack Dempsey, the professional boxer, but I was wrong.  A short history is included in the pictures above.  They’ve always been famous for their macaroni and cheese so it was a no brainer we were getting that as a side.  We also decided on a cup of gumbo, onion rings, crawfish pies, the Super Seafood Platter, J.D. Broiled Redfish and bread pudding for dessert.

Just as I remembered, the gumbo is terrible.  Avoid it at all cost.  Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you.  Remember when you were a little kid and your mom said, “When you hear those noises DON’T look in that room”!  But your curiosity got the best of you and you did?  Then you wished you hadn’t?  Trust me.  Think of that gumbo like this.  It taste like it came out of a can with a red and white label on it.

The onions rings were pretty good.  The crawfish pies were tasty, but utterly devoid of crawfish.  Out of six pies we found ONE whole crawfish tail.  They were mainly filled with rice, veggies and some bits of crawfish.  More like crawfish flavored vegetable pies.  But again, they were pretty tasty.

The fried seafood platter was very good.  If you order it with oysters I think maybe I got 5 oysters?  But everything was very good.  Seasoned perfectly and fried nice and crisp.

Besides the mac n cheese, we had French fries and potato salad for sides.  All very good.

The J.D. Broiled Redfish was delicious.  The fish was seasoned perfectly and tasted blackened.  Nothings worse than overcooked fish and this one was cooked to the perfect doneness.  The crabmeat au gratin on top could have had more crabmeat in it though.  It was more like just a sauce.

The bread pudding was horrible.  I’m not sure why people forget the “pudding” part in “bread PUDDING”.  If you look at the last picture you can almost see how dry it was.  It was like several slices of bread, sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar, weighed down to make it a dense mass, then baked just long enough to take all the moisture out of it.  Yuck.

If you’re in the mood for seafood, I recommend this place.  Try other menu items at your own risk.

738 Poland Ave., New Orleans, LA  70117  Ph: 504-943-9914

Blaine 8-11-2018




5 thoughts on “Jack Dempsey’s, New Orleans, LA Report #124

  1. Thanks Blaine! I, too, love the seafood here but more specifically, I find the *fried* seafood here about the best in town. Apparently, the frying oil is at the perfect temperature because everything comes out totally greaseless. In fact, beneath the big, luscious, perfectly fried oysters, you cannot find a dot of grease to save your life. If somebody knows of a better place for excellent “fried” seafood, I’d sure love to know about it! Thanks for your excellent reviews!

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