Another Broken Egg Café, New Orleans, LA Report #127


This is the Lakeview location. Really pretty place. Like you’re dining in a New Orleans Victorian style home.  You can dine inside or outside on the wrap around porch.  Since we’re in New Orleans in August, and at 9:20 AM it was already 86 degrees outside, we opted for inside.

Cute coffee mugs.  Nice selection of fancy preserves on each table.  As soon as I saw the menu I knew what I was getting.  I love lobster and the lobster and brie omelet sounded delicious!  “Cream cheese-filled omelet topped with Brie cheese and champagne butter sauce sautéed lobster meat, tomatoes and green onions”.  How could THAT be bad?  My dining partner opted for the Supreme Omelet.  My dining partner also told me the pancakes were huge so we could split one.  She’s been wrong before but we won’t get into that.

After we ordered the omelets they were out in less than 5 minutes!  I was thinking, “Good grief!  Super fast service”.  But the only good thing about this omelet was the lobster.  If you like a soft, fluffy omelet like I do, this one would have really disappointed you.  It was cooked really hard.  The cream cheese stuffing covered maybe half of the inside at best and as far as I could tell they forgot the champagne butter sauce altogether.  My dining partner’s omelet was cooked equally as hard.

Another thing, our omelets weren’t really hot.  They were more like barely warm.  So as fast as they came out I’m thinking they pre-make them.  Fry flat egg disks and keep them in a warmer, then stuff them according to what you order.  I could be wrong but that’s what it seemed like.

The grits that came with it weren’t anything special.  Nor was the English muffin.  BUT, I tried that blackberry preserve on it and that was delicious.  I’m always normally a strawberry preserve guy.  I’ve got to find a jar of that blackberry preserve.  Seed free, too.

The pancake was pretty small but it was delicious.  For $3.99 I expected a much bigger one.  I think you could get a whole short stack for that at iHop!  I could easily eat a stack of three of these, but for $11.97 that won’t happen.  And they need to clean the grill better.  It had a nice bit of burnt stuff on it from the grill.

From this experience I wouldn’t recommend the place.  In that area I’d much rather hit Russel’s Marine Grill (Report #59) for breakfast.

607 Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-301-4667

Blaine 8-19-2018

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