Liuzza’s By The Track, New Orleans, LA Report #129


This restaurant refers to itself as “By The Track” to differentiate them from another New Orleans restaurant also named Liuzza’s.  The “Track” they’re referring to is the New Orleans Fairgrounds horseracing track, which opened in 1852, making it the second oldest horseracing track in operation in the United States.  The Fairgrounds is also where the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is held every spring.  This restaurant is located on a back street only two blocks from it.  It also looks just as old as the Fairgrounds!

Talk about a hole in the wall.  The picture of the dining room and bar is it.  The whole place.  I had my back against the restroom wall when I took it.  But the size of the joint isn’t important.  The food is.  We decided on a cup of gumbo, the Garlic Oyster Poboy and their signature dish, the BBQ Shrimp Poboy.

The gumbo was pretty good.  Maybe a little watery, but it was flavorful, with a good portion of sausage, shrimp and chicken in it.

The oyster poboy had a good, garlicky flavor, but in my opinion could have used a few more oysters on it.  It was dressed well and the oysters were fried nice and crisp.

BBQ shrimp is a classic New Orleans dish that has nothing to do with BBQ sauce.  You put head on, unpeeled shrimp in a pan, add PLENTY of butter, herbs and spices, and bake it in the oven.  The juice from the shrimp mix with the melted butter and seasoning to make a delicious sauce, which you soak up with French bread as you eat. It’s utterly delicious but a pain because you have to peel the shrimp as you eat it.

Well, with their signature poboy, they do the work for you and peel the shrimp.  And unlike a traditional poboy where they slice the bread in half longways, with this sandwich they hollow out the French bread and fill it with the BBQ shrimp.  Very good poboy!  Generous portion of shrimp.  The sauce tasted more lemony than buttery, but it was still yummy.

Nice place!  I recommend it.

1518 N. Lopez St., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-218-7888

Blaine 8-25-2018

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