Sukho Thai, New Orleans, LA Report #130


Sukhothai means either “Dawn of Happiness”, or “Dawn of the Kingdom of Thailand”, as Sukhothai was the first free Thai city, founded in 1238 A.D., after two Thai chieftans liberated the city from the Khumer rule.  Sukhothai thus became the seat of the first Siamese Kingdom, and the center point of an era of material prosperity, artistic greatness, and cultural development known today as the “Golden Age” of Thai history.  I got all that off the menu.  It was too glossy to take a picture of so I was nice enough to type all that for y’all, because I know you probably didn’t know that.  Neither did I.  Now we both are better people for it.

This is the Magazine Street location.  The menu here is extensive.  Too extensive for me to take pictures of.  I did take a pic of the inside back cover, which showed pictures of all Thai herbs and spices with a description.  That was pretty educational.  A lot of good looking dishes on it I want to get back and try, but tonight I was in the mood for noodles, so I went with the national dish of Thailand.  Pad Thai.

For an appetizer I tried the Shrimp-in-a-pouch.  They described it as, “Gulf shrimp in an herbal sesame stuffing, served in a golden brown wonton pouch with our plum dipping sauce”.  I couldn’t taste any stuffing at all.  If you look at the picture of the one I took a bite out of all you see is shrimp in it.  That’s all I tasted.  Shrimp.  And the sauce tasted like the sweet sauce you’d get in any Chinese restaurant.  I hate the way they left the shrimp tails on too.  Once I bit too close to the fried wonton knot and got the tail in my mouth, so I was spitting out shrimp fins.  Just the fact it was shrimp fried in a nice, crisp wonton, made it a tasty appetizer, but I wouldn’t order it again.

When you order the Pad Thai they ask what heat level you want it at.  You can get mild, mild-medium, medium, hot or Thai-hot.  If you look at the picture above from the menu you can see they issue a warning about the Thai-hot.  Being from New Orleans I like things very spicy, but having been to Thailand I know better than to even think about messing with Thai hot.  It’s not a cayenne pepper kind of hot.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but I don’t see how anyone can eat it!  Unless maybe you’re a Thai native that was dropped on his head a bunch of times as a kid.  It’s serious hot.

My favorite Pad Thai has always been from Banana Blossom (Report #12), simply because they let you chose the type of noodles you want in the dish.  The normal rice noodles are a little to delicate for me.  I like my noodles like my women.  With a little heft to them.  Don’t laugh, you guys know what I’m talking about.  So I always get the Korean Ramen noodles.  They’re more substantial.  But this Pad Thai was utterly delicious!  The flavor of the sauce was wonderful.  I got the seafood combo, with the scallops, shrimp and calamari, all of which were cooked perfectly.

For dessert I tried the Black Rice Pudding.  That was even MORE utterly deliciouser!  It’s served hot, with what they say is coconut milk on the top, but it tasted more like a coconut cream.  Very thick and creamy.  The only bad thing about it was they serve it in a dish that’s kind of deep, and my tongue wasn’t long enough to reach the bottom of it to lick it clean.

Great place for Thai.  I highly recommend it.

4519 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA  70115  Ph: 504-373-6471

Blaine 8-25-2018

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