El Patron Mexican Grill & Cantina, Gretna, LA Report #131


When I moved to the Westbank about 21 years ago, El Paso (Report #9), soon became my favorite place for Tex-Mex cuisine.  For awhile now I’ve been hearing El Patron was very good so I figured I’d give it a try.

Pretty little place, with a nice outdoor dining area with ceiling fans blazing overhead.  But still being about 87 degrees at 6:00 PM we opted for the A/C inside.  They have a pretty extensive menu and offer a 15% military discount.

They start you off with chips and salsa as everywhere else does.  Nice fresh chips and good salsa.  We ordered the cheese dip and the bean dip.  The bean dip looked exactly like the cheese dip.  You had to dig into it to find beans.  You could hardly taste the beans with so much cheese in it, but both were pretty good.

The next two pictures are the Chimichanga Dinner with ground meat and the Quesadilla Dinner with Carne Asada.  I asked my dining partners if they were “good” or “very good”.  Both instantly said “good”.

One of my dining partners is a vegetarian and she was delighted to see you could order tamales (Under El Tamalito) with only jalapenos and cheese in them, so she ordered them.  After about a 20 minute wait they came out and told her they didn’t have those.  As she started looking over the menu again they brought out the rest of our food.  Needless to say she was highly upset they waited that long to tell her they didn’t have it.

Another one of my dining partners had the combo Fajitas, with steak, shrimp and chicken.  I took a closeup of one of the shrimp to show it wasn’t seasoned at all.  No grill marks or anything.  Same for the steak.  The chicken breast however was marinated in something delicious and nice and juicy.  Overall the dish was “Ok”.

I had the El Campesino, which consisted of a chile relleno, cheese enchilada, hard taco and rice and beans.  The chili relleno was delicious.  The cheese enchilada was pretty good too.  The hard taco had this thick, puffy shell that I didn’t care for.  I like a thin, crisp corn shell.  This one was crisp but also had a little chewiness to it.

We asked about dessert and they said they had Tres Leche cake, Flan and Sopapillas. Being raised in New Orleans in the 70’s I grew up with Pancho’s, and that shaped my perception of what a sopapilla should be, so we asked for an order.  The waiter said you only get one.  I said give us two of them.  Luckily I didn’t say three as I started to.  Instead of those beignet type things you crack open and smear butter and honey in, this was simply a very crispy, fried tortilla, with cinnamon sugar, chocolate syrup and whipped cream on it.  I’m not sure why anyone would want this but, ok. If it sounds good to you that’s what you get if you order a sopapilla here!

Overall the place wasn’t bad, but I definitely didn’t see anything special about it.  I’ll stick with El Paso.

101 Lapalco Blvd., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-301-3161

Blaine 8-26-2018



They’ve got a new sign.

101 Lapalco Blvd., Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-301-3161

Blaine 8-17-2019

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