Bratz Y’all, New Orleans, LA Report #133


This place is located in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans right next door to Pizza Delicious (Report #7).  I didn’t know we had any authentic German Restaurants in New Orleans since the Deutsches Haus packed up and moved to Metairie, but the owner is from Berlin so this is the real deal.  You have a choice between outdoor seating, where there’s a window you can order through, or an inside dining room.  Ordering at the inside counter I could see a young lady in the kitchen rolling out dough and hand tying pretzels.  You can’t get them any fresher than that!  I was surprised to hear the lady that took our order had an English accent.  I asked her where she was from and she said London.  I guess they’ve forgiven them for the war!

Anyway, until I was 13 years old all I ever had, pretzel wise, was the little crunchy pretzels you buy at the store in plastic bags.  My mom and I took a train to Los Angeles to visit friends of hers and during our stay we went to Disney World.  That was my first time ever seeing soft pretzels.  I fell in love with them.  Also, the only day of the year I ever ate a turkey leg was on Thanksgiving day.  Being the youngest kid in the family I always got the leg.  I was in shock when I saw people walking around eating smoked turkey legs!  I couldn’t believe it!  I knew I was truly in the land of milk and honey.

That being said I had to get a soft pretzel.  I got a plain one.  I wanted to try the Horseradish Herb dip with it, but my dining partner overruled me, and we got the Beer Cheese.  The pretzel was perfect.  Crunchy outside, hot, soft inside, and not too much salt.  The cheese was just “ok”.  Good, but nothing special about it.  Oh, and there is also a dispenser where you can get curry ketchup, brown mustard and garlic mayo.  All of which were good.  I actually liked dipping the pretzel in the brown mustard more than the cheese dip.

Next we went with the Bratwurst Burger.  A pork brat spiraled onto a pretzel bun, topped with melted brie, tomatoes, pickles and onions with mustard and garlic mayo.  This was the best thing we had here.  Delicious.

Since Weiner Schnitzel was about the only authentic German dish I had ever heard of, we tried it.  A veal cutlet breaded and fried, with French fries and either a choice of warm, German potato salad or a cucumber herb cream salad.  We opted for the cucumber salad and I ordered the potato dumplings as a side.

The veal cutlet was fried very crispy and it was nice and tender.  My dining partner and I  thought the batter could have been seasoned a little more, but that’s a matter of personal preference.  It was pretty good.  I really liked the potato dumplings.  The brown gravy was great.  And when they said you had the choice of a cold, cucumber salad with it I thought, “Why”?  But I saw why.  The cool, light salad, with a good bit of dill, went well to kind of cut the heaviness of the fried veal cutlet.

For dessert we had the Apple Strudel with the Bourbon Vanilla ice cream.  It’s like a big, apple pop tart.  It also had slivered almonds in it and came with a berry compote.  Fresh out of the oven it was hot and pretty good.  The ice cream was really good.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

617-B Piety St., New Orleans, LA  70117  Ph: 504-301-3222

Blaine 9-1-2018


I couldn’t let October end without getting some German food, and as far as I’m concerned this is the best place to get it!  We decided on a cheese covered pretzel, the King Brat, the delicious Bratwurst Burger we had last time we were here, an order of fries and a cinnamon pretzel for dessert.

The King Brat is a pork sausage stuffed with white cheddar, wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon, and topped with a sweet chili apricot sauce and fried onions.  Fantastic.

The cheese covered pretzel was great.  And the cinnamon one we had for dessert kind of reminded me of a beignet with the powdered sugar on it.  Not too strong a cinnamon flavor.  They give you a blue colored whipped cream to dip it in.  Not sure why it’s colored blue.

Great place.  I highly recommend it!

617-B Piety St., New Orleans, LA 70117 Ph: 504-301-3222

Blaine 10-26-2019




Went totally international today.  Vietnamese for lunch at Tan Dinh, German for dinner.  Decided to try two things I hadn’t tried before.

The top picture is the Lox pretzel.  It’s like a Lox sandwich made with a pretzel bun.  If you like Lox, you’ll like this!

The Drunk Pig sandwich was just “ok”.  Pretty good flavor, but the pork was a little dry.   Should have stuck with the Bratwurst Burger.  Love that sandwich!

617-B Piety St., New Orleans, LA 70117 Ph: 504-301-3222

Blaine 3-7-2020

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