Briquette, New Orleans, LA Report #134


This place is fantastic.  Beautiful inside with a huge dining room and bar.  I love the large windows that lets you see into the kitchen.  They also put their “fish of the day” on ice behind the glass so you can walk up and tell your waiter, “Give me that chubby one right there that just winked at me”, and they’ll cook the whole fish to order.  I love the paintings too.  The owner, Mr. A.J. Tusa, Jr., came out and introduced himself.  Really nice guy.

We started with the seafood gumbo.  The waiter was smart enough to bring two spoons with it.  He probably noticed how mean my dining partner looked and was trying to avoid a fight.  The gumbo was excellent.  I don’t think there were any shrimp in it, but it was loaded with crab meat, and I’ll take that over shrimp any day!  One of the best seafood gumbos I’ve had in a restaurant.

Next up was the caramelized sea scallops with fried goat cheese grits and charred poblano butter.  Another excellent dish.  That butter sauce was delicious and the fried grit cake was the perfect side to go with the scallops.  My dining partner doesn’t really like scallops but she tasted it and said they were probably the best she ever tried.

Entrees were the Shrimp Pasta Briquette and the Lamb Shank Puttanesca.

The pasta dish was delicious.  The pasta was cooked perfectly and I understood why they didn’t have any shrimp in the gumbo.  They saved them all for this dish.  It was loaded with huge shrimp.

The lamb shank dish was also delicious.  Fall off the bone tender and loaded with black and green olives, which went well with the light sauce and angel hair pasta.  Huge shank, too.

For dessert I saw Bread Pudding Beignets on the menu.  I needed look no further.  Two of the things I love?  Bread pudding AND Beignets?  COMBINED?  I had to get it.  They basically take bread pudding and deep fry it like a beignet.  It was pretty good, but I like my bread pudding moist and when you deep fry it you kind of dry it out a little.  Next visit I’d try a different dessert.

Great place.  I highly recommend it.

701 S. Peters St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-302-7496

Blaine 9-2-2018



I just went to Briquette about a month ago so I wasn’t quite ready for a return trip.  Then I got an email from Groupon, and it was the featured restaurant.  I thought, “Let me look and the menu again and see if there’s anything I’m dying to try”.  When I did, I saw the monkfish and chips dish in the first pic above.  Since I didn’t see that on the menu  my first visit I figured it was a new dish.  I’ve only had monkfish once in my life and LOVED it!  It has a taste like lobster!  I bought the Groupon and eagerly headed back to Briquette to try it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t on their menu when I got there.  No matter.  Just as last time we had a delicious dinner.

They started us out with complimentary chicken liver pate on French bread slices.  Pretty good.  I had a different dining partner this time and she really enjoyed the gumbo and the scallop dish I had tried last time.  I tried the Lump crab bisque, with Louisiana mirliton, Sherry finish and roe garni.  Very good.

My dining partner had the pork porterhouse, with blue cheese crust, fig demi glace, baby green beans and bacon plantain mash.  The dish tasted a lot better than it looked!  Very tender and juicy pork porterhouse.  She loved it.

Well, I had my mind on fish and chips so I decided to go with the New Orleans Catfish platter.  Fried catfish with rosemary fries, purple fennel slaw and house tarter sauce.  About the best fried catfish I ever had.  Very crisp and seasoned perfectly.  The fries were great and even the slaw was really good.

For dessert we decided on the Molasses Factory Foster.  Fresh roasted plantain, cinnamon rum butter, vanilla ice cream and French pain perdue.  The sauce, ice cream and French toast were delicious!  We both thought the dish had way too many plantains, though.  In fact, I really would prefer bananas in this dessert, like a traditional Bananas Foster.  Never really cared much for the starchiness of plantains.

Another excellent dinner. I highly recommend this place!

701 S. Peters St., New Orleans, LA  70130  Ph: 504-302-7496

Blaine 10-14-2018

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