Café Navarre, New Orleans, LA Report #136


For breakfast we tried to go to the S. Broad Street location of the Ruby Slipper.  I wanted to try one of their Egg Benedict dishes, but when we got there it was a 20-30 minute wait for a table.  I just downloaded that “Nowait” app, but didn’t use it.  Luckily, with my vast restaurant knowledge, I knew somewhere not far away with excellent Egg Benedict dishes I love, where you can always get a table.

Café Navarre is a great place.  You know it’s a classic New Orleans restaurant when the first thing at the top of the breakfast menu are “Cocktails, Wine & Beer”!

My dining partner loves the biscuits here, so she got an Egg Sandwich on biscuit, with eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese.  She loved it.

I got the Eggs Cochon.  Eggs Benedict made with delicious, smoky, tender, juicy pulled pork.  And plenty of it!  Their hollandaise sauce is delicious, too.  And their hash browns, which are more like home fires, are fried nice and crisp.

We ended the meal with pancakes.  A few weeks ago I complained about the pancake at Another Broken Egg Café (Report #127).  One small pancake for $3.99.  As cheap as pancake batter is to make that’s ridiculous.  Here, you get three HUGE pancakes for $7.95.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!  We got an extra plate.  My dining partner took one and I tackled two, and we couldn’t finish them!

Great place.  I highly recommend it.

800 Navarre Ave., New Orleans, LA  70124  Ph: 504-483-8828

Blaine 9-9-2018

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