Bonefish Grill, Metairie, LA Report #137


Now, you may ask, “Blaine, living in a city like New Orleans, with all the fresh seafood and fine dining options, why in the world would you go to eat at a chain restaurant”?  Simple.  Their food is great!  And when a place has a pepper AND salt grinder on the table, you know it’s special!

I love the hot bread they bring you with the herbed olive oil.  I don’t know if you can really feel like you’re doing something healthy eating white bread, but I tell myself it’s healthier since I’m dipping it in olive oil instead of spreading butter on it!

We started of with their signature appetizer, the Bang Bang shrimp.  Seasoned well, fried crispy and tossed in some kind of creamy sauce.  They’re always great to start off with.

Next we had the Maryland-Style Crab Cakes.  These were some of the best crab cakes I’ve ever had.  Tasted like they were made out of solid crab meat.  No breading.  And the remoulade sauce was delicious.

For entrees I ordered the Neuwirth (whatever that is) Cobia.  Grilled cobia topped with spinach, feta cheese, asparagus and a tomato, garlic sauce.  I hadn’t had cobia since I caught one on a deep sea fishing trip in the Gulf Of Mexico maybe 20 years ago. For sides I got jasmine Rice and coleslaw.   Very good dish.

My dining partners had the Chilean Sea Bass with mashed potatoes and asparagus, and fish and chips.  They said both dishes were very good.

For dessert we decided on the Key Lime Pie, supposedly with a roasted pecan crust.  Not good at all. The crust tasted more like a graham cracker crust with a few bits of pecan in it, and the filling had the consistency of a cross between pudding and Jello, and was way too sweet.

So not counting that dessert, dinner was great.  But there was a problem.  The service SUCKED!  The appetizers came out very fast after we ordered them.  They had a decent crowd when we first got there, but by the time we were done with our appetizers the place was pretty much empty, except for one large party of 10.

I wish I had paid attention to the time.  I’m not sure how long it took our entrees to come out, but I know it was at least 25 minutes.  When he brought our entrees we ordered the dessert.  We finished our entrees and waited, and waited, and waited.  One of my dining partners went to the restroom and passing by our waiter told him we were ready for the dessert and needed a doggie bag.  Then we waited, and waited, and waited.  I saw our waiter doing something intently on a computer by the restrooms so I went to the restroom and asked him, “Are they making that slice of pie from scratch”?  He said, “Oh no, Sir, it’s coming right out”!  “I said, “We also need a ‘to go” box”.  He went into the kitchen, came out maybe five minutes later, and went right back to working on the computer.

As we waited longer, he went to that large party, which wasn’t even his table, and started handing out individual checks.  Finally a waitress came out with our pie and we asked HER for a “to go” box.  All this time all our dirty dishes were still sitting on our table.  No one bothered to clear it.  Then our waiter passed back and asked, “Did y’all get a to go box”?  I said, “No, this is only our FOURTH time asking for one”.

Anyway, that wasn’t all but that’s enough about that saga.  I’ve been here several times before and the service has always been pretty good.  Today was the worst I’ve ever had, here or anywhere.

4848 Veterans Blvd. Suite B, Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-780-9964

Blaine 9-9-2018


     Doing some cleaning I happened to find a gift card I was given to this place over a year ago.  Free food is always worth a visit.    

     We decided on:


************ THE FOOD ************

The calamari was very good. Fried crisp and very tender.

My dining partner had the pork chop with mac n cheese and steamed broccoli. She loved it.

I had the lobster and crab cake with jasmine rice and coleslaw. Delicious! The crabcake looked way too small when it arrived at the table, but once I started eating it I realized it was a nice size. And almost solid crab meat.

Very good dinner!

4848 Veterans Blvd. Suite B, Metairie, LA  70006  Ph: 504-780-9964

Blaine 8-21-2021

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