Island Paradise, Gretna, LA Report #139


I hear this place had a great goat curry dish so I wanted to get over and give it a try.  Small place.  Only one restroom which I’m sure doesn’t thrill some of you ladies, but it looks like they keep a lizard in it to eat the flies and keep it clean.  The three little black spots you see in front the tabasco bottle are ants, so maybe they help clean the tables.

Anyway, this looks like a family run business.  If you come here have patience with the waitresses.  A couple young girls, I got the impression the owners daughters, probably not working for a salary as much as being made to work there to help the family business out.  I’ve got a little experience with that myself.  Doesn’t make you the happiest or most efficient employee.

We started off with the Jerk chicken wings and Jerk French Fries.  These were pretty good.  The chicken was nice and crisp with a flavorful sauce.  The fries weren’t really crisp, but had a nice flavor.

The plate you see to the right of the wings and fries was what my dining partner ordered.  Chicken stew.  If you put this in front of me, didn’t even blindfold me, and told me eat all I want and tell you what kind of meat that was, I couldn’t have.  It was terrible.  It was like they put a chicken in a pot with a little brown dye, stewed it for 5 days until it disintegrated into an unrecognizable mass and then served it.

I decided on oxtails with rice and peas instead of the goat curry.  I love oxtails.  These were ok.  To me oxtails are so good you’d have to work to mess them up.  I’d enjoy them just stewed until tender in a little brown gravy from an envelope.  Both of these entrees were served with rice and peas, which was nothing special.

I love roti bread.  You normally see it in Asian restaurants.  I was surprised to see it here, so I had to order it.  Banana Blossom (Report #12) has my favorite.  I had to include three pics of this “roti”.  It was horrible.  A big glob of soggy dough with crumbles of partially cooked flour mixed all through it.  Yuck.

For dessert we tried the white chocolate bread pudding.  When it came to the table I thought, “Yuck, raisins”.  Which is traditional in bread pudding down here, but I hate it.  Turned out to be chocolate chips!  The bread pudding was pretty good.

Anyway, when I ordered the oxtails I figured I’d be back in the future to try the goat curry but I’m not so sure now.  Can’t say I recommend this place.

635 Kepler St., Gretna, LA 70053  Ph: 504-227-5544

Blaine 9-15-2018

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