Blue Oak BBQ, New Orleans, LA Report #147


I love the way this place is laid out.  You walk in, grab a menu, order your food, then have a seat and they’ll bring it to your table.  You can sit inside in air conditioned comfort, or outside on a huge deck with bunch of picnic tables.  There are misting fans all over the deck to keep you cool.  Nice bar too.  I had been hearing good things about this place and then my brother went, who I know knows BBQ, and told me it was really good.  That did it for me.  I had to get here.

They have three sauce options.  Jerk, Spicy Carolina and House.  I liked all of them.  The “side of the day” was cheesy grits.  Meatwise, we got ribs, chicken, pulled pork and fatty brisket (they give you a choice between lean and fatty brisket).  For sides we got potato salad, the cheesy grits, bbq beans and roasted garlic mac n cheese.

Nothing much to say.  Everything was delicious! You can see the nice bark on the ribs.  They were also kind of sticky, like maybe they use a lot of sugar in their rub, but they weren’t overly sweet.  I grabbed a knife to cut my brisket, but one wasn’t needed.  It was fork tender.  The pulled pork was tender and juicy as was the chicken.

The beans tasted like they had roasted peppers in them.  What kind I’m not sure but they were yummy.  Loved the grits.  Again, everything was delicious!

If you are in the BBQ mood I highly recommend this place!  Now if y’all will excuse me, I have my annual Navy Physical Readiness test next Sunday so I need to eat right and try to drop a few pounds before then.  But don’t worry, I will return!

900 N. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-822-2583

Blaine 10-7-2018



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