Adolfo’s, New Orleans, LA Report #148


I have a new favorite Italian restaurant.

If you’re walking through the 600 block of the bustling and popular Frenchmen St., you’ll see the sign for Adolfo’s Restaurant, and a red door.  If you open the door you’ll see a tiny bar.  Not a restaurant.  But, you’ll also see a staircase.  If you go up the stairs you’ll see a second red door to your right.  Once you open that one, you’ll find a small restaurant!  With a small bar, and a small kitchen you can see into from the dining room.

Some parts of the dining room are well lit and some are pretty dark.  I was seated in a dark spot so please excuse my photography.  My iPhone did the best it could!  The place gets pretty noisy, and was soon packed after we sat down.  Diners arriving after that were told they could wait in the bar downstairs and a waitress would come down and get them when a table was available.  One thing to remember about this place.  It’s CASH only!  There’s an ATM in the restaurant and bar.

We started off with the eggplant topped with crabmeat and capers.  When they cover something with crabmeat here, they don’t mess around.  Great dish.

Next, we had the Cannelloni filled with crabmeat and corn.  Another really good dish.  I thought the filling had some kind of cheese in it because it was so creamy and flavorful, but the waitress said it didn’t.  Loved these two appetizers.

With the entrees you get either a side salad or pasta.  We each got both.  The pasta is a linguine with a marinara sauce.  Both were yummy.

My dining partner ordered the shrimp and crawfish combo pasta with alfredo sauce.  The waitress asked her if she’d prefer the pasta with Ocean Sauce.  She explained that it was the pasta, with a cream sauce made with crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish.  She highly recommended it.  My dining partner went with that and was NOT disappointed.  That’s it in the second to last picture.  Excellent dish.

I went with the Veal Ocean.  If you have trouble making decisions this is the dish for you.  No need to decide between a crabmeat caper topping or a shrimp and crawfish topping.  This is a thin, tender, paneed piece of veal with half covered in one and the other half covered with the other!  And talk about delicious.  I loved it.

I don’t say I highly recommend a place often but I can say it here.  Come here and dine.  You’ll thank me later.

611 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA  70117  Ph: 504-948-3800

Blaine 10-13-2018



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