Heads & Tails, Harahan, LA Report #149


Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this place?  It was great!  So many unique things on their menu.  Like Boudin Stuffed Mushrooms, Croissant sandwiches, Boudin Stuffed Pork Chops, the Belle River Burger (a fried egg and crawfish etouffee on a burger!), among other things.

My dining partner wanted to start off with a cup of seafood gumbo and the Crawfish Beignets.  I wanted to add the Crawfish & Brie Crepes, but she told me I was ordering too much food.  That my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  We had a discussion about her walking home, and we came to an agreement that I should get the Crawfish Crepes.

The gumbo was very good.  Decent amount of shrimp, crawfish and crab in it, nice colored roux, and very flavorful.

The Crawfish Beignets were also very good.  Seasoned very well, and the remoulade sauce they were served with was delicious.

The Crawfish & Brie Crepes were OUTSTANDING!  Utterly delicious!  If you ever come here be sure to get them.  One of the best appetizers I’ve ever had.

We decided on splitting the Surf & Turf Poboy and an order of fries.  Hot roast beef with gravy and fried shrimp.  The French bread was very fresh and the poboy was dressed nicely.  My dining partner thought the roast beef was chopped or broken up a bit too fine.  Kind of like roast beef debris.  She said it was like eating roast beef crumbs.  I didn’t mind that as much as the lack of fried shrimp.  She only got three on her half, I got maybe four.  But overall we enjoyed it.  The fries were great.  Hot and crisp with no foolish batter or anything on them.

There’s so many other things I want to try on the menu I’ll be back.  I definitely recommend this place.

1827 Dickory Ave., Harahan, LA  70123  Ph: 504-533-9515

Blaine 10-20-2018


Lunch here today.  I was so sad to see the menu had changed.  No more Crawfish Beignets or Crawfish and Brie Crepes!  I loved those.  We decided on the Seafood Fries, Eggplant Barbara, Crawfish Etouffee and Peach Cobbler for dessert.

The Seafood Fries were delicious!  French fries topped with pepper jack, Colby, and a creamy seafood sauce full of shrimp and crawfish.

My dining partner didn’t care too much for the Eggplant Barbara.  The dish consisted of crab and shrimp stuffing sandwiched between two fried eggplant rounds, on top of linguini tossed with a crawfish cream sauce.  The pasta and sauce wasn’t very flavorful.  Also, the eggplant wasn’t fried too crisp, and a little under cooked.  It still was kind of “spongy”.

I forgot to take a picture of my crawfish etouffee until I was halfway through the dish!  I ordered it with fried crawfish tails on top.  It was very good!

The peach cobbler a la mode was also very good.

Pretty good lunch.  I recommend the place.

1827 Dickory Ave., Harahan, LA 70123 Ph: 504-533-9515




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