Fuji Hana, Gretna, LA Report #151


I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems most sushi places are pretty much the same.  Same menu, same preparation, etc.  I’m always looking for something that makes one stand out from the others.  Tonight I figured I’d give Fuji Hana a try.

Big, pretty place.  If you like hibachi tables there’s no shortage of them here.  I think there’s about 14.  And from what I saw while I was dining they put on a nice little show!

Pretty extensive menu.  Too much for me to photograph.  My dining companion and I decided on a Rainbow Roll, fresh salmon and smelt roe sushi, an LSU Roll, a Fuji Hana Roll, and a steak Teriyaki meal.

I’ve got to commend them on their service. Once we ordered our food was there fast. I mean unbelievably fast! Jimmy John’s fast! Good job.

As you get in all the other sushi places, when you order a meal you get a soup and salad with it.  Here it’s a Miso Soup.  Pretty good.  Sometimes I find their soups a little too salty.  This one wasn’t.  And instead of that carrot/ginger dressing on the salad, they use something more like a Thousand Island dressing.  I give them points for being different!  But there isn’t anything special about the dressing.  It’s ok.

When you order sushi rolls here you get your money’s worth.  They’re a nice size!  That’s the Rainbow Roll on the plate with the smelt roe and salmon sushi.  Very good.  As was the sushi.  The salmon was very fresh and nicely chilled.  The smelt roe sushi was good too.

My dining companion enjoyed the LSU roll and I thought the Fuji Hana Roll was delicious!  The Fuji Hana Roll had tempura shrimp, snow crab and cucumber on the inside, and it was topped with BBQ eel, avocado, smelt roe, eel sauce and sesame seeds.  I love BBQ eel, avocado and that sweet eel sauce.  If you do too, you’ve got to try this roll.

The Teriyaki Steak was just ok.  I ordered it medium rare and it came out more medium well, but it was pretty tender.  Could have been seasoned a little more.  If there’s one thing I could complain about it’d be the fried rice that came with it.  It had a slight burnt taste to it.  Still edible, but noticeable.

In conclusion, if you want to scratch your sushi itch, I recommend this place!  It’ll do it for you.

1130 Behrman Hwy., Gretna, LA  70056  Ph: 504-394-2820

Blaine 11-2-2018

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