Heard Dat Kitchen, New Orleans, LA Report #152


My big sisters went to this place, loved it, and kept bugging me to go try it.  Little brothers never want to do what their big sisters tell them to do, but I finally gave in and headed uptown to give it a try.  I was in the mood for some traditional, New Orleans cooking anyway.

This place opened three years ago as a take out and catering operation.  It grew in popularity and they finally decided to add a dining room.  Getting to it is a little tricky.  If you look at the first picture, you’ll see a set of doors under the “Heard Dat Kitchen” sign.  Ignore those.  Head all the way to the left side of the building, and you’ll see the entrance in the second picture.  Go in there and then you’ll see that hallway to your right.  About halfway down that hallway you’ll see that door marked “Heard Dat Kitchen Café”.  Enter and you’re in the dining room!

I love the menu.  Not much bigger than a post card.  Makes ordering easy.  We decided on the Crawdat Fries, Gumbo Combo, Red Beans with Fried Chicken, Bourbon Street love and Bread Pudding for dessert.

The Crawdat Fries were fries served with a cheesy crawfish cream sauce on top.  They were very good.  The fries were very crispy and the sauce had a nice spice to it.  But as you can see from the picture there weren’t many crawfish in the sauce.  We definitely wanted more!

My dining partner liked the Gumbo Combo.  Gumbo, served with a grilled cheese sandwich and potato salad.  There were only two shrimp in the gumbo.  It mostly consisted of chicken, sausage and chicken gizzards.  I love chicken gizzards but I know they aren’t for everyone, so I thought that was worth mentioning.  The grilled cheese sandwich was good.   Buttery and nice and toasty.  If you like a lot of yellow mustard in your potato salad you’ll like this one.

If you order fried chicken here you’re getting a fried, boneless chicken thigh.  The only other piece of chicken they serve are wings.  The fried thigh was delicious.  Hot and fresh and seasoned very well.  The red beans were also delicious.  Not a very big portion though.  In the picture that’s a plate they’re served on, not a bowl.  So they’re kind of just spread out over a plate almost like a sauce.  The cornbread was good too.

The fried chicken dish with the crawfish sauce over the mac and cheese was ok.  The fried chicken was definitely the best thing we had here.  There was nothing special about the mac and cheese.

Finally the bread pudding.  Loved the caramel sauce they served it with.  I’m not sure what to say about the bread pudding itself, though.  I didn’t really care for the consistency of it.  I tried to show it in the last picture.  It wasn’t really like a gel, or custard, but you couldn’t tell it had ever been bread.  I’m not saying it was bad.  Just not what I was used to.

Pretty good place.  I recommend it.

2520 Felicity St., New Orleans, LA  70113  Ph: 504-510-4248

Blaine 11-3-2018

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