Porter & Luke’s, Metairie, LA Report #154


I was perusing Tom Fitzmorris’ website and saw the ad pictured above for this place.  I remember decades ago I was going to Jacques-Imo’s for the first time so I called Tom’s radio show and asked him what I should try.  He told me fried chicken.  I thought he was crazy.  Go to a place like that and get fried chicken?  No.  So I got something else that I ended up not really enjoying.  I later found out he was telling me try the fried chicken because chef Austin Leslie, who was famous for his fried chicken, was the chef there.  Well, Chef Leslie is dead now and since I didn’t listen to Tom I never got to try his fried chicken.  That’s a regret I’ll take to my GRAVE!  Anyway, figured I’d go get me some fried chicken!  Among other things.

Located on Metairie Rd. it’s a nice looking place.  We started out with the seafood gumbo.  I thought it was just “ok”.  Could have been seasoned a little better and had a few more ingredients in it, but not bad or anything.  I won’t order it again on my next visit.  And there will be another visit.

We then had the crabcakes.  Very good.  Loaded with crabmeat.

I posted a picture of the menu description of the next two dishes above.  The Triple Wedge Salad and the Eggplant Vincent.  Both of these dishes were excellent!  The fried oysters with the wedge salads were huge!  Seasoned very well with a nice crispy, light coating.  No thick batter to hide the flavor of the oysters.  And the fresh, cool, crisp iceberg wedges were covered with a generous helping of shrimp remoulade and crabmeat ravigote.

On the menu they tell you if you order the fried chicken it’ll be a 25 minute wait, as it should be.  I want mine fried fresh to order.  Not pieces that have been sitting under a heat lamp.  When we ordered I looked at my watch.  As promised, almost exactly 25 minutes later the fried chicken came to our table.  Utterly delicious.  Seasoned perfectly and seriously crispy.  The fries were nice and crisp too.

We had the bread pudding for dessert.   I didn’t care much for it.  I don’t like overly sweet desserts but this one could have been sweeter.  There wasn’t much of a cinnamon or nutmeg flavor to it either, it was kind of dense, and they skimped on the sauce.  I like plenty of sauce with my bread pudding.

Overall a very good dinner.  I recommend the place.

1517 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-875-4555

Blaine 11-10-2018




Love the paintings in this place. I can’t believe it’s been well over two years since we’ve been here, but we were back again today for lunch.

We decided on the crab dip, a cup of gumbo, a Muffaletta flatbread off the regular menu. I ordered the shrimp and crawfish crepes off the brunch menu.

(((((((((( THE FOOD ))))))))))

The crab dip was delicious! It’s hard to see the crab meat in the picture but there was plenty in there.

I really need to start re-reading my reports before I go back to a place. I said I wouldn’t get the gumbo again. I shouldn’t have. It hasn’t improved.

My dining partner had the flatbread and loved it.

My crepes were fantastic! And the small cut home fries were the perfect side.

Great lunch. I recommend this place!

1517 Metairie Rd., Metairie, LA  70005  Ph: 504-875-4555

Blaine 6-13-2021

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