The Camellia Grill, New Orleans, LA Report #157


I always thought of this place as a burger place.  Not a breakfast place.  But today we had a great breakfast there!

My dining partner started out with scrambled eggs, bacon and grits.  About as simple as you can get.  She enjoyed it.  And you see the syrup serving type vase thing behind the plate that looks like it’s filled with orange juice?  That’s melted butter!  Sweet Jesus!  Is that wonderful, or what?  You can just pour it over your grits!  Or you know how you get a waffle, and all they have is whipped butter, so you have to sit there and try to spread the whipped butter over it to get some in each little cell of the waffle, which is damn near impossible so it just pisses you off?  No problem here.  Just pour!

The next picture above is a picture of one of those malt making machines.  This is relevant because I decided on a mushroom and cheese omelet.   It was one of the fluffiest omelets I ever had.  Reason being is they put the eggs in that malt machine and whip them up before they turn them into omelets.  The omelet was delicious.

Another thing about the omelets there are they are just the right size.  Bigger isn’t always better.  Like the omelets at IHOP (Yes, I admit I sometimes go to IHOP).  The omelets there are so huge I can’t finish them.  Or if I do I’m too stuffed to enjoy some pancakes after.  And who wants to bring leftover omelet home?  I know it’s just going to sit in the fridge and never get eaten.

We finished with a pecan waffle and pancakes.  Very good.

Great place for breakfast.  I highly recommend it.

626 S. Carrolton Ave., New Orleans, LA  70118  Ph: 504-309-2679

Blaine 12-2-2018

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