Short Stop Poboys, Metairie, LA Report #158


I was reading the holiday dining guide edition of Where Y’at magazine and saw an ad for this place.  The ad mentioned they offered over 30 different varieties of poboys in 6, 9 and 14 inch sizes.  Sounded great!  More variety and smaller sizes so I can try more than one.  We braved the stormy weather and headed out there for lunch.

When you get to the counter to order, you’ll see many loaves of French bread behind the counter already cut into the right sizes and pre-dressed. That’s ok I guess as long as they don’t sit like that for too long. And it looks like they don’t at this place. It seems to stay pretty busy.

We started off with Chicken, Sausage and Andouille gumbo.  They offer seafood gumbo only on Fridays.  Not very good.  Full of sausage but only a few shreds of chicken.  And it was pretty watery.  Like it wasn’t made with enough roux.

One of my dining partners ordered a hot ham and cheese poboy, dressed.  The bread used on all our poboys was nice and fresh and they were dressed nicely.  However, the ham wasn’t really hot.  It was just a little above room temperature.  You can look at the ham on the sandwich in the picture and see it didn’t just come off a grill.  He enjoyed it though.

Another one of my dining partners and I split a crawfish tail poboy and a hot sausage poboy, with a large order of fries.

The crawfish tail poboy was loaded with fried crawfish tails, but you could tell they weren’t recently fried just for us.  They weren’t crisp at all and not hot.  Not sure how long they had been waiting for our arrival. Same with the fries. Not hot or very crisp.  If they were I would have loved them because those are the type of fries I like.  Thin cut with no silly batter or seasoned crust on them.

The hot sausage patty sandwich (they also offer links), was very good.  The hot sausage tasted like it had just come off the grill and was seasoned really good.

For dessert I tried the lemon meringue pie.  Terrible.  Way too sweet and not really a good lemon flavor.  I had to go back to the counter and asked if they made the pies themselves.  The lady behind the counter told me they didn’t.  They order them from Sysco Food Service.

In the ad I talked about earlier they also mentioned how quickly their counter service system gets people in and out.  That, the temperature of the food and seeing all the precut and dressed bread behind the counter, gives me the impression their main goal is quantity over quality.  Kind of like the Jimmy John’s of poboy shops.

119 Transcontinental Dr., Metairie, LA  70001  Ph: 504-885-4572

Blaine 12-8-2018




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