Kin, New Orleans, LA Report #159


I’ve never had a bowl of Ramen in my life.  Except, of course, those cheap packs of Ramen you can buy in supermarkets with the little seasoning pack in them.  I love the Pad Thai made with Ramen noodles at Banana Blossom (Report #12), and I love Pho, but I’ve never had a bowl of Ramen as a soup.  It was time to correct that culinary deficiency!

Very small place.  One communal dining table that’ll seat 10, seating at the window, and seats along a bar, like at a sushi bar.  The menu is pictured above.  I had trouble finding it online in advance.

We started out with dumplings.  They had what they called a “Gert Town Beef Stew” dumpling, with beef, peppers, onions and other stuff I don’t remember in it, and a “Shrimp Eggroll” dumpling.  We opted for the shrimp eggroll one.  It was very good.  Basically filled with the stuff you’d find in an eggroll.  Really crispy and the won ton wrapping was thicker than other dumplings I’ve had, which was a good thing!  The sauce was great too.

Next, we had the Smokey Honey Jalapeño wings.  Also very good.  Nice and crisp and not overly sweet.

I chose the “Meow Meow Bowl”.  A bowl of Ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder, corn, bamboo, tare, sesame, and a marinated soft boiled half egg in pork and chicken broth.  It was delicious.  Pho is a very light soup.  This is a richer, heartier soup.  The big, round thing you see in the middle of the bowl is a pork belly ring.  It had been browned so it was slightly crispy.  The little white star shaped thing is a piece of pickled Daikon radish, which the waitress told me eat at the end of the meal to cleanse my palate.  I did, but I wished I hadn’t.  The food was so good I should have done everything I could to hold onto the flavor!

One thing I like about this place is it’s such a small operation everything is cooked to order.  You won’t get served anything that’s been sitting around waiting for you.  They even tell you allow 15 minutes to bake them if you want cookies for dessert.

Great place.  I highly recommend it.

4600 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA  70125 Ph: 504-304-8557

Blaine 12-15-2018


I followed their Facebook page and just saw this post by them. I don’t think i ever saw a restaurant express political views like this. Especially in such a vulgar, insulting way.

Blaine 1-16-2019


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