La Providencia, Gretna, LA Report #160


My favorite Mexican Restaurant on the Westbank is El Paso (Report #9).   I passed this place a thousand times and thought about trying it out, and tonight I finally did.

Like any other Mexican place they start you out with chips and salsa.  The chips were very crisp and fresh, and the salsa was tasty.

Looking at the menu, the Tamales Mexicanos caught my eye.  Three tamales and your choice of pork with red or green sauce, or cheese with jalapeños, onions and tomatoes.  I decided on two pork and one cheese.  I asked about the sauces and the waitress told me if I liked things spicy, the green sauce was VERY spicy.  I got it.

She was right!  The green sauce was pretty spicy.  The tamales were disappointing, though.  The pork ones were probably 85% masa and 15% meat.  Just a small chunk of pork in them here and there.  I couldn’t find any cheese in the cheese tamale at all.  The piece of tamale on my fork in my pictures above wasn’t really that close to the end of it, and solid masa.

They had Popusas a la carte on the menu, so I ordered a pork and a cheese one.  They also happened to be on sale for $2 tonight.  These were pretty good.  The cheese one tasted like a good, toasty, grilled cheese sandwich.  The pork one had more of a pork paste inside, instead of ground pork, but it was also pretty good.  They came with some sort of veggie slaw, which I wasn’t really interested in, but it was ok.

As a side note, my favorite place for tamales on the Westbank is La Fiesta (Report #33).   As far as my favorite overall Mexican restaurant, it’s still El Paso.

2300 Belle Chasse Hwy., Gretna, LA  70053  504-368-5724


Blaine 12-16-2018

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