Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar, Kenner, LA Report #165


I remember dining at this place a couple decades ago, but didn’t remember how the food was.  I think back then there was only one dining room.  There are three now, and a nice bar.  Also an attached seafood market which I checked out.  All the seafood looked nice and fresh, and they will pack it with ice to travel, which is great since they’re near the airport.

We started out with the shrimp cocktail.  Eight large shrimp and a good cocktail sauce.  A couple shrimp were deveined, a couple partially deveined and some not deveined at all.  I wish they had deveined them all.  The first one I grabbed had a huge vein in it, and ever bite I took was terrible gritty.  Like chewing shrimp and sand.  I ended up spitting it out in my napkin.  I hate that.

I never saw the sense in fried pickles, but my dining partners wanted them. They loved them, and the remoulade type sauce they were served with.

The fried crab claws were pretty good, and again, I like their cocktail sauce.

Now, the soups.  I tried  a cup of gumbo, and I ordered the Swamp Platter, which came with a cup of crawfish etouffee and a cup of turtle soup.  I thought the reddish soup was the etouffee at first but that was the turtle soup.  The etouffee was the color of the gumbo.  None of these dishes shouted, “Home made from scratch” to me.  Especially the gumbo and etouffee.  They screamed, “I came from a box labeled ‘Gumbo Base’ and ‘Etouffee Base'”.  I guess the turtle soup was the best.  I asked the waitress and she told me they use real turtle meat, although I have been lied to my entire life by women.  Anyway, I wouldn’t order any of these again.

The rest of the Swamp Platter consisted of fried alligator, fried crawfish tails, fried frog legs, and what the menu called “Cajun Boiled” alligator sausage.  One link of the sausage was apparently grilled, because it was charred black and burned on one side (the picture doesn’t do justice to how much it was burned).  I actually like sausage kind of charred on the grill, but this one was taken a little too far.  All the fried seafood was very good.  Especially the frog legs.  They were great!

My dining partners had a fried shrimp basked, and a half hot sausage poboy with crawfish etouffee.  The shrimp basked and the hot sausage poboy were great.  My dining partner shared my opinion of the crawfish etouffee.  She tasted it and left the rest.

If I was in the area and in the mood for fried seafood or a poboy, I’d stop in here again.  But I wouldn’t make a special trip to dine here.

3203 Williams Blvd., Kenner, LA  70065  Ph: 504-443-6454

Blaine 12-26-2018

7 thoughts on “Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar, Kenner, LA Report #165

  1. A lot of there food is really good some is much less that special. fried items seem to be the best. portions are large and prices reasonable. its very accessible just of the inter state. with a little work on the on the menu and in the Kitchen it could be great. We stop there often.

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