Mansurs On The Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA Report #169


I ended up in Baton Rouge today and as always, I was hungry!  Someone recommended this place so we figured we’d give it a try.  It did not disappoint.

Nice looking place with a maze of different dining rooms.  The last one pictured looks like a room for private parties, complete with a large wine rack.  We came in for lunch and were handed brunch menus.

They start you off with a bag of hot French bread and softened butter.  Great French bread.  Crusty outside and nice and soft on the inside.

We tried a couple of soups next.  The Cream of Brie and Crabmeat and the Chicken, Andouille and Roasted Duck Gumbo.  Both were delicious.  Especially the Brie and Crabmeat one.  I’d order a bowl of that next time.

For appetizers we decided on the Acadiana Egg rolls and the Chargrilled Oysters.

The egg rolls were described as, “Lightly fried duck & shrimp-stuffed egg rolls set in a sweet-n-sour cherry sauce, finished with Asian mustard”.  The cherry sauce and mustard sauce came on the side.  The cherry sauce wasn’t sweet at all, as I expected.  Kind of vinegary.  I liked the mustard sauce better.  The egg rolls were pretty good, but nothing extraordinary.  Pretty much what I’d expect in any Asian restaurant.  You couldn’t really taste the duck.  I wouldn’t order these again.

The Chargrilled Oysters were great.  Some places tend to cook them too long and they shrivel up.  Most of these were still nice and plump.

One of my dining partners had the Brunch Cheeseburger.  I didn’t try it but she loved it.  She said it tasted like they mixed barbeque sauce into the ground meat.

The Duck Mansur was  roasted, boneless duck topped over a Chambord liqueur blackberry sauce served with stone ground grits.  This is one of the best duck dishes I ever tasted.  Nice crisp skin and unbelievably tender and juicy.  The sauce was excellent as were the stone ground grits.

I had the Boulevard Brunch, which was an Egg Benedict style dish.  Poached eggs served over crab cakes and an English muffin topped with a remoulade sauce, and served with fresh fruit.  Delicious.  And when they serve fresh fruit they serve a generous portion.

Great place.  I highly recommend it.

5720 Corporate Blvd. A, Baton Rouge, LA  70808  Ph: 225-923-3366

Blaine 1-12-2019

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