Willa Jean, New Orleans, LA Report #170


I have no idea who Willa Jean is but if you run across her tell her I like her food.  Nice looking place with a little bakery in it.  We saw the baguettes and asked if they could slice half of one up, toast it, bring it to us with some butter, and bag the rest for us to take home.  They did.  Except the toasting part that it.  It was room temperature, but very good.  Perfect baguette.  Crisp on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.

We started off with the wj poutine.  French fries with braised  short rib meat, brown gravy, mozzarella curd and crispy garlic chips.  This was utterly delicious!  The beef and gravy tasted like what you’d have on the best roast beef poor boy you ever ate.  The melty cheese and the garlic chips were great with it.  If you come here this is a must try dish.

I had the fried chicken sandwich for my entrée.  Very good sandwich.  Loved the soft Hawaiian roll and serrano slaw.

My dining partner had the country fried pork, with mashed potatoes, gravy and collard greens.  Another excellent dish.  Real mashed potatoes with little chunks of potatoes in it and that same yummy gravy that was on the poutine.  The pork was really juicy and tender on the inside, and fried nice and crisp on the outside.

For dessert, I noticed these dark chocolate vanilla bean cream cheese pop tarts in the bakery area.  I asked our waitress if they heated those up when they served them.  She said she could, so I ordered one.  Seems like no matter what you say they WON’T heat things up here.  It was pretty much room temperature when it came to the table, but pretty good.

We also had the vanilla bean cheesecake, with graham cracker crumble, lemon caramel and blackberry sherbet.  One thing I sometimes hate about cheesecakes is the graham cracker crust is too think.  The crust with this one was crumbled and served scattered along side the cake, so you could have as little or as much as you wanted with each bite of cheesecake.  The blackberry sherbet was delicious, and the flower petals were a nice touch.  Excellent dessert.

Great place.   I highly recommend it.

611 O’Keefe Ave., New Orleans, LA  70113  Ph: 504-509-7334

Blaine 1-18-2019


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