Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots, New Orleans, LA Report #172


When people think about the Fair Grounds they think about horse racing.  Makes sense, since horses have been racing here since 1852!  I think that makes it the third oldest race track in America.  But as usual, when I think of any place, I think of FOOD!  And they serve pretty good New Orleans food here in the Clubhouse.

Actually, they serve food in other parts of the Grandstand building too.  You can stop by concession stands for good seafood gumbo, red beans, white beans, poor boys, hamburgers and more.  But the Clubhouse is the fine dining area.  Parking is free but admission to the Clubhouse is $10 daily.  It can be more for special events.  Reservations are recommended.  Each table has a little TV on it so you can watch the races, and a person comes around regularly to take your bets on the horses.  We bet $2 on the #1 horse across the board in the 2nd race and actually won some money!  If you don’t know what that means, GOOD!  Don’t get the gambling fever!

One thing about dining here.  The service is SLOW.  Always has been, always will be.  I’m pretty sure that’s on purpose.  Why would they want to get you in and out quick?  They want you stuck there as long as possible so out of boredom maybe you’ll bet more money on the horses.  So maybe if you come here to eat you might want to pack a snack! Oh, also, your table is yours for the day.  You get an armband and can roam around the entire property, and always come back to your table later.

Now to the food.  Here’s what we decided on:


And, the food:


The crab cake was really good.  Full of crabmeat.  Could have used a little more remoulade sauce though, in my opinion.

My dining partner wanted the red beans and rice, which came with a pork chop.  She asked if she could substitute fried chicken wings for the pork chop and they did it with no problem.  The red beans were a little cool, but very good.  As was the fried chicken wings.

They make their own corned beef here at the Fair Grounds, and it’s delicious.  I love it on their poor boys, but it’s also wonderful with their smothered cabbage and red potatoes.

The hot fudge brownie with ice cream and the bread pudding for dessert were both very yummy.

So don’t come here just to watch the ponies run.  Come for the food too, because it’s pretty good!

1751 Gentilly Blvd., New Orleans, LA  70119  Ph: 504-944-5515

Blaine  1-27-2019

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