Ditali’s Pizza Café, Harvey, LA Report #175


My dining partner and I were in the mood for pizza.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but we were headed to Sicily’s Pizza.  That’s right.  The cheap, buffet chain that puts out all you can eat pizza and a few other things.  They happened to be closed.  Maybe the good Lord was looking out for me.

We were still in the mood for Italian but had no idea where to go.  Then, as we pulled out the parking lot we saw this place, almost exactly across the street.  I’ve driven past it hundreds of times but never thought about stopping.  Today we popped in.

Pretty extensive menu.  Here’s what we ordered:


And here’s what we got!


The Parmesan Fonduta Fries were delicious!  I’ve got to get back and try them with one of their sandwiches.  But I really enjoyed them as an appetizer.  Really crispy, and each fry was coated in that garlic cheese sauce.

The mini Crawfish Calzones were pretty good.  Like a crawfish etouffee, complete with the rice, cooked into a nice, crisp calzone.  I probably wouldn’t order it again, just because there’s so many other things on the menu I want to try.

We told the waitress we wanted to split an order of the spaghetti and meatballs.  She was nice enough to offer to put it in two bowls for us.  That was nice, especially considering my dining partner is notorious for stealing an extra meatball.  Good size portion, and very good spaghetti and meatballs!

I liked the pizza mainly because of the crust.  Nice and crisp on the bottom like it came right off a good, hot pizza stone.  But if you’re big on plenty of pizza sauce and cheese, you might not like this one.  Not much cheese on it and hardly any pizza sauce.  You can probably see that in the picture.

Overall, a very good dinner.  I’ll definitely be back!

1650 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA  70058  Ph: 504-361-0058

Blaine 2-3-2019

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